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Poets and their Pets: featuring Wilder and Sparrow

I love spending time talking to poets about the people and passions that inspire their poems. But, what about the furry friends that support the writing process and inspire us in ways of their own?


So many writers have pets that have been a pivotal part of their creative process, and I got to talk to Wilder about her sweet relationship with her Alaskan kai/mini husky named Sparrow.


When asked what inspired her sweet pup’s name, Wilder shared a really cool fun fact with me!


Wilder: “We named Sparrow after the first section of my poetry book Wild is She, which is representative of the sun.” 


Wilder says that she rescued Sparrow and adopted her after finding her attached to a tree with her puppies. She worked to help find homes for all of her puppies and Sparrow found her forever home with Wilder. 


Wilder: “I work from home full time and Sparrow is always keeping me company. Although I do not write about her specifically, she is near me constantly while I am creating. I take her for walks during my break times. She tries her best to be an escape artist and also chases after the cat non-stop, but this is how they play and we have learned her tricks. She is truly so curious and clever.”


Wilder describes Sparrow as being an excellent companion with lots of personality. She also shared that Sparrow seemed to find Wilder at just the right time and brought with her so much love and joy. She filled her life with a warmth she didn’t realize she was missing. Our furry friends have a way of finding us exactly when we need them, don’t they? 


Wilder: “After our great dane Brixa passed away unexpectedly, I didn’t know how long it would take for me to be ready to have another dog. After 2 years Sparrow found her way to us and she has brought so much light into our world.”


I can so relate to Wilder’s description of her sweet Sparrow being such a good companion while she creates. My dogs are the same way, always sitting at my feet while I write or always so ready and willing to go on walks to get the creativity flowing. 


Our pets are our family members, and they can be an influence on our poetry just like journaling, exercise, and our friends and loved ones can be. 


To add to the fun? Sparrow has an Instagram page where you can follow her and keep up with all of her adventures. You learn from Sparrow’s page right away that she is a lover of naps and exploring.  This sweet little pup is adorably photogenic, and she is sure to brighten up your day and your newsfeed if you give her a follow. Also, her page has a beautiful aesthetic just like Wilder’s Instagram feed does.


One of the beautiful things about poetry is that you can find support and inspiration in the most unexpected relationships, including our friendships with our furry friends. If you are a poet with a pet that has positively impacted your writing practice, tell us about them! We love to see pictures and hear stories that bring a little more light into the world, and pet stories definitely fall in that category. Comment below!