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Poet Kafar Myers Talks Music, Poetry, and Authenticity

“Never let failure discourage you. Use it as fuel to continue on your path and work hard every day.”


Kafar Myers is a 20-year-old artist, poet, and musician from New Jersey. His latest poetry collection Soulful of More features 59 poems he describes as poetic justice and is split into three sections that explore Myers’ deepest thoughts about topics from youth violence to social media addiction. 


Myers has been featured in Ghettoblaster Magazine and Earmilk, and he recently sat down with Read Poetry to talk about his newest collection, his music, and life as a poet.


Read Poetry: Tell us how you started writing poetry.

Kafar Myers: I started writing poetry in the eighth grade. It became a form of therapy to cope with things involving my personal life.


RP: Your latest collection Soulful of More explores themes from violence to addiction to healing. What was the inspiration for this collection? 

KM: I spent time reading about philosophy, spirituality, and religion. My research inspired me to write about the themes you mentioned. These narratives exemplify the purpose of the book’s title.


RP: How does your work as a community organizer influence your art? 

KM: It gives me a new perspective that prompts deeper thoughts and plans of action.


RP: How does your music influence your poetry?

KM: It’s actually the other way around, the poetry influences the music. Poetry sharpened my imagery, personification, alliteration, and structure. Those skills help maximize my creativity when writing songs.


RP: What do you see as some of the similarities between music and poetry?

KM: Definitely the storytelling, metaphors, structure, emotion – the list goes on and on.


RP: What do you hope your fans and followers take away from your work?

KM: I hope they understand the importance of following your purpose in life while living authentically.


kafar myers

RP: If you could change anything about this current era of poetry, what would you change?

KM: I wouldn’t change anything. I’m not the one to judge how others express their trauma or pain. If anything, maybe we can help writers change their mindsets and overcome the fear of sharing their work.


RP: What do you think the importance of community is for artists such as yourself? 

KM: The community provides a foundation for all of us. It’s difficult being an artist without a sense of community in my opinion.


RP: What advice do you have for aspiring poets and artists? 

KM: Never let failure discourage you. Use it as fuel to continue on your path and work hard every day.


RP: Do you have any projects currently in the works?

KM: Yes. Music videos for poems in my book. Also, a short film, merchandise, and new singles.


RP: Anything else you’d like Read Poetry readers to know?

KM: To everyone reading this please understand that you have something to contribute to the world.


His new 8-track project entitled, Self Privilege is available now. Stream it here.