poems for seasonal depression

Poems to Warm Your Soul In The Dead of Winter

The winter can wither a soul that’s been left in the cold too long. When the temperatures drop, our spirits often do too. But the right words can bring warmth back to our hearts, no matter what the weather has in store for us. Like spring or summer, I hope these words remind you of the sunshine to come. 


Gemma Troy 

“How kind the wind can be 

how precious the morning sun

how bright the moon shines

when you choose light over dark.” 


This piece is a beautiful reminder of how much perspective can change our surroundings and the climate of our hearts. There is so much strength in searching for the light, even when your skies feel darkened by life’s hardships. We can find warmth and healing even when the world feels cold and unforgiving. 


Pavana Reddy 

“I forgive in flowers,

I plant seeds where it hurts. 

I take my time,

I blossom first.” 


I love the imagery in this piece and the thought of planting seeds where it hurts. The writer illustrates the beauty that can come out of tough seasons of life as well as the gentle strength it takes to “forgive in flowers.” This poem is a reminder that beautiful things can bloom out of heartbreak and pain. Hard seasons may feel fruitless and gray at the moment, but, if you are patient and give yourself time, you may be surprised what will grow and thrive in the next season. 


Raquel Franco 

“May the hours ahead carry less salt

and more honey waves

that will propel you forward.”


I really appreciated the contrast of salt and honey in this piece as well as the thought of the waves being a force to propel you forward into new things. When we think of water, it can be destructive or nourishing. We can also view the waves as something fearful or as the forward movement into something exciting and exhilarating. This piece doesn’t minimize the force of the waves but rather hopes to reframe it as something good. Even if you’ve felt knocked off balance by the waves of change before, this piece speaks to the hope of new beginnings. When I read this piece, I imagine warmth and light coming over the horizon reminding me not to be afraid to step forward into new adventures.


Morgan Harper Nichols 

“And somehow,

after everything,

she still bloomed

in the way

she was meant to.”


It’s easy to lose faith when doubt clouds your vision and your heart grows cold. When we go through difficult situations, we can sometimes wonder if there’s a purpose or if we have broken a situation beyond repair. These little lies plant themselves into our hearts like weeds threatening to smother what’s good and what’s true. But we can look for the light even in the dark nights of winter. If we continue to plant seeds of hope, love, and faith and uproot the doubt that threatens to overtake us, we will see something beautiful.


We will see that, even if it didn’t go as planned and even if painful circumstances robbed us of sunshine for a season if we hold onto faith, we will see the growth and the blooming that took place even in the wintry moments of our lives.