kindness matters

5 Poems for World Kindness Day

On November 13th of each year, we celebrate World Kindness Day, a day that celebrates the simple yet soul-sustaining power of being kind to one other. Let’s intentionally choose compassion for ourselves and others as we celebrate this day and all it stands for. Here are a few poems to get you started.


1. Atticus

Atticus poetry

We all need those encouraging eyes that meet ours and fill us with hope and courage. We all know people whose presence calms us and grounds us in a way we can’t define. This poem reminds us to seek those eyes in our own lives and to be those eyes for others.


2. Tyler Knott Gregson

Tyler Knott Gregson poem

The biggest kindness we can give one another is our presence, in both the good times and bad—to love each other even in our most unlovable states and offer a sense of stability and consistency in the chaos. Ask yourself: who can you check on today? Who has been checking on you? Let’s take time to appreciate the people who stand the test of time and stay no matter the circumstances.


3. Alexandra Vasiliu

Alexandra Vasiliu poem

Kindness has its own vibrance—an infectious energy that causes people to stop and stare. This poem reminds me of the beauty that unfolds in our hearts when we open ourselves up to compassion and show up for the people around us. That encouragement and support is poetry in motion. 


4. Sean Thomas Dougherty

Sean Thomas Dougherty poem titled 'Why Bother'

This poem reminds me why every single act of kindness matters. There is nothing too small. You never know what impact your words and actions may have on a struggling soul. The kindness you invest in other people today may pay off for them in ways beyond your wildest dreams. It is always worth the time and effort to choose compassion. 


5. Alison Malee

Alison Malee poem

This is the perfect poem to end on because it fills the reader with such deep hope. We are all constantly fighting silent battles while our hearts are screaming out to be heard. When we stop and listen—when we show one another mercy, friendship, grace, and kindness—we show others that little moments of kindness can be the glimmers of hope we need while we battle our own darkness. 


World Kindness Day is a reminder to prioritize life-changing compassion and empathy for one another. Choosing kindness isn’t always easy, but it is a habit that brings healing to every heart in its path, including your own. Let’s all make an effort to choose kindness today and to let it to the people around us.