11 Poems to Help Us Embrace the Changes of Fall

I don’t know about you, but my heart is ready for a new season and the hope that can be found there. As the summer ends, our perspective starts to shift right alongside the changing leaves. While summer inspires adventure and sunshine, fall encourages change and transition. I hope these poems get you excited for all the special experiences autumn has to offer and remind you of the beauty of letting go and falling forward into new seasons and opportunities. 


1. Jai Gaurangi

“Autumn days are for watching

the way auburn leaves fall and

kiss the earth to show

that the trees have made peace 

with letting go.”


2. Tianna 

“Before I rise,

like a phoenix from the ashes

or a blossom from a barren winter branch,

I must learn to dance in the burning

of each golden falling leaf.”


3. word_enchantress

“The morning moon

dressed in its misty cloak.

The dance of leaves

in the golden haze

of the rising sun.

Wind whispered melodies 

of new beginnings.


Autumn mornings 

are poetry.” 


4. lovelylittlepoem

“September held its breath

so I could crave the crisp,

saffron silky skies,

cinnamon scented mist.


Burnt orange whirls 

autumnal chills to stroll, 

home for hot sweet casserole,

September warm my soul.”


5. Alfa

“She had an Autumn Soul.

Gloriously beautiful

to look upon…

and dying every second 

piece by piece.”


6. Parm K.C.


i think you must have a bit of autumn in your soul

the way you let those dead pieces of your heart

fall away

only to make room for the new

time and time again”


7. Jessica Fiona

“Some stories are

ending in autumn.

Like the leaves,

falling to the ground. 

Endings are born

in autumn.

And the fallen leaves

are goodbye kisses”


8. Tiffany Aurora 


Maybe one morning sweet,

like the autumn trees as they

bid goodbye to their beloved leaves

& make way for winter’s sleep,

along with all of the promises

spring has yet to keep,

I too, will find beauty in the way

dying things weep.”


9. Simon Colinson

“if anything

autumn is a reminder 

that there is an end to everything,

you will bloom again.” 


10. Fizza Fatima

The Haunting Poem

there is a wanting

of a poem

that settles 

itself over my skin

it peers

from my shadow

looking over 

             my shoulder


there is a wanting

of a poem

in this house

called a body

that laments

as it floats




there is a wanting 

of a poem

in the dark

in the cold


there is a wanting of a poem

this season.”


11. Raquel Franco 

“And the sun took a step back,

the leaves lulled themselves to sleep

and Autumn was awakened.”


Autumn is a season for transformation and a time to acknowledge the ache in our souls as we let go of the warmth of what was and enter into the cold unknown of what’s to come. But there is so much beauty in the crisp air and in the golden hues in the skies and the leaves surrounding us. Change is coming, and I hope that it will be enough to warm your heart and rekindle the embers of hope in your soul. May this fall be a beautiful time to move forward together, embracing change and challenging our hearts to do the same.