poems for moms

3 Poems To Remind Your Mom (or mother figure) How Much She Means to You

Mother. What better word for selfless, unconditional love? These are the women we can always turn to for warmth and unwavering support. They are equal parts strength and sacrifice, soft and steady, all rolled into one person. As I’ve grown older, I have learned to appreciate my mom more with each changing life season. I can now see all of the ways she was nurturing me to bloom, even if it meant that she would wither. She always gave me her warmth, her light, and her resources to make sure I could blossom into a strong woman. And in doing so, I got to witness the immense strength of her sacrifices. 


I know that so many of us have been blessed with women like this in our lives, and I wanted to find some poems that get to the core of the impact they truly have on us. Whether it’s your mom or another woman who has nurtured you along the way, these women change the lives of everyone they come into contact with. I hope that these poems inspire you to go tell them how truly special they are to you and to reflect on how they’ve changed your life. 



My mom told me

when I was young

that if I helped 

a friend climb a 

mountain, I would

reach the top too. 


I love this piece by Alfa because her mom’s advice is so wise and empowering. Success does not have to be a limited resource. We do not have to get so caught up in competition that we forget about compassion and compromise our values. Helping others climb and reach their potential won’t take away from our own. It will just give us better company to enjoy the top with. It is amazing how much we can encourage one another when we are given this perspective from our mothers and other role models. 


Rupi Kaur 

what if 

there isn’t enough time

to give her what she deserves

do you think

if i begged the sky hard enough

my mother’s soul would

return to me as my daughter

so i can give her

the comfort she gave me

my whole life


I was deeply moved by the way Rupi Kaur describes her relationship with her mom. A legacy of love can change our lives forever and have a ripple effect in the lives of our children. When we have been given so much so freely, our desire is to somehow repay that kindness. Mothers never expect anything in return for the love they constantly shower on us, but it certainly inspires us to overflow with that same love as we grow older and start families of our own. 


Prathvi Kanchan 

When I gave up with a sigh 

You encouraged me to dream high

When I was lost in life’s map

You were always my North Star.


This excerpt was such a beautiful reminder of what a huge guiding light our moms can be. They are often our biggest support systems and encouragers, pushing us out of our comfort zones while walking alongside us in case we lose our way. I can think of so many times when my mom helped me find my way back to myself after a hard time. This piece reminds me of her and of all the women who encourage us to keep going when our hearts are heavy.


We could write a whole volume worth of poems and quotes about how special moms can be, but for now, I hope that this selection has helped remind you of a mother’s one-of-a-kind advice, her selfless sacrifices and unconditional love, and her guiding voice when you’re feeling overwhelmed. May we all cherish the women who take the word “mom” and turn it into a symbol of infinite love and compassion.