Typewriter Day

6 Ways to Celebrate Typewriter Day

Hey, everybody! Did you know that June 23 is National Typewriter Day? On this day in 1868, inventor Christopher Latham Sholes was granted a patent for his typewriting machine. Now, typewriter enthusiasts everywhere use this day as a chance to celebrate the impact the typewriter has had on the way we write and the way we communicate with our world. 


Although technology has continued to advance and has brought us computers and iPads, typewriters still have their place in the modern world for many writers and collectors. There is just something about these machines that inspires people and encourages creative thoughts to flow freely. Everywhere you look, you’ll notice poets using typewriters to bring fans the best of their poetry in that classic style we all love so much. Romantic and timeless, typewriters are here to stay. 


So, on National Typewriter Day, let’s talk about some ways to celebrate this truly remarkable machine. 



1. Look into purchasing a typewriter for yourself.

Have you ever been interested in owning your very own typewriter? If you’re anything like me, you may find the process to be a little intimidating at first. There are lots of places where you can find typewriters, such as at garage sales, at flea markets, and online. However, there are several things you may want to read up on before making your purchase. I found this article from Typewriters 101 to be very helpful. It walks you through the process and gives you some great tips and considerations as you start your search. 



2. Already have a typewriter? Ready, set, type! 

Maybe you’re a typewriter enthusiast who already has a typewriter or two (or more). If that’s the case, use today as a chance to give your machine a little extra attention. Write a note to a friend or loved one with your typewriter. Write your next poem or Instagram post using it and snap a picture for your feed. Spice up your routine, and write out your to-do list with it. Maybe you could type a favorite quote or poem to hang on your fridge. Use this opportunity to get creative with the things you type and the way you share what you choose to write. 


3. Have a typewriting competition.

This can be a fun way to interact with other poets. Choose a poem that everybody has to type. Go “live” on your feed and type the poem as fast as you can. Show your readers the finished product, then nominate someone else to take the challenge and see if they can beat your time. (Make sure the person you nominate has a working typewriter). 


4. Check out one-of-a-kind typewriting jewelry.

Typewriter jewelry is really popular right now—and for good reason. The pieces are unique and make especially meaningful gifts for the readers and writers in our lives. My favorites are the typewriter key bracelets and necklaces. They can spell out whole words like “poet,” or they can be simpler and include someone’s initials. JoySparks Designs has the cutest Etsy shop with products like bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks. I definitely recommend that you take a look. They make the perfect present for a friend or even a treat for yourself. 


5. Support poets through purchasing hand-typed poetry.

There are lots of poets who sell beautiful and unique hand-typed poems. Alfa types her poems out on stationary or parchment paper and often uses stamps to personalize the pieces even further. You can find many other writers that sell poetry this way as well (my favorite place to search is on Etsy, but many people will share their work on Instagram or Facebook too), and it’s a great way to support their poetry. 


6. Show us your typewriters! 

We know that each typewriter is as unique and special as its owner. So, show us yours! Tell us how you got it and what it means to you. Share with us why you chose the color, brand, or style of your typewriter. Let us know where you got it (online? a flea market?). Lastly, tag @readpoetry in your posts so that we can see those beauties.


Have an amazing National Typewriter Day, and I can’t wait to see how you choose to celebrate.