Morgan Harper Nichols

8 Morgan Harper Nichols Poems for the New Year

As the holiday season comes to a close, we prepare to wrap up the past and open the possibilities of a fresh start. While we close this chapter, we often spend some time rereading its pages. We rejoice in the things that went right. We look back with remorse on the things that didn’t. For some of us, it may be a time to mourn for what we’ve lost or to meditate on how much has changed. The story we find ourselves in is often very different from what we imagined. 


Sometimes, reflection brings excitement, while other times, it fills us with deep sadness and longing. The deep ache for renewal is real in all of us, especially if we are experiencing a season of winter in our hearts. 


But, that’s what can make the New Year so special. It is hopeful. It encourages us to let go of the hurt, to begin again, and to reach toward new horizons. For some, it may be a time to move toward healing. For others, it may be a chance to say goodbye to bad habits or painful memories. But for all of us, it is a new beginning. Morgan Harper Nichols knows how transformational a fresh start can be. Her writing inspires us to walk courageously into our next chapters. I hope her words ignite a spark of hope in your heart as you look forward to what comes next. 



I am choosing

to believe

the future 

can still

be beautiful. 



You are free to

have peace without

knowing what 

comes next. 



And perhaps

when I go deeper

into gratitude

for what I already have,

that is when

my heart

is being prepared

for all that 

lies ahead.



And in this

letting go,

I’ll make room

for new 




Find hope in

new horizons.

Be kind

to yourself 

as you wrestle

with what 

it means 

to begin again. 



Do not

be afraid

of what is new.

It will

challenge you

but it will also

prepare you

for the 


you have

been called to. 





you are learning

the art of surrender. 

The courage to let go

in the wild of your




Take heart,

dear traveler,

light will

meet you in

wild places. 


My wish for you is that these pieces help give you a renewed sense of hope as the New Year approaches. May you find light, love, and healing in this new season.