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Poetry, as we know, can be healing and meditative, transformative and rejuvenating. Reciting poetry out loud can act as a type of meditation practice to keep the mind and body feeling centered. Therefore, here is a little information on each chakra

It’s a common misconception that poetry and popular culture are mutually exclusive—that high art and refined taste are reserved for the elite, and pop culture is candy made for the masses. But if we take a closer look, we’ll find

Parents are complicated. These flawed people that gave us life or provided us with a home can bring on series of emotions, ones that we can grapple with our entire lives. 

“Poetry feels like lightning to me — It's this incredible jolt of feeling and emotion and power recognition”

My own experiences were and are the very source of my need to write in the first place. What else can we draw from in writing than our own experiences?

Wine has so many distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. There is something for everyone, and it got me thinking: which poetry collections would be the perfect complement to some of our favorite wines?

“My own path has always been one of death and rebirth, rising and falling. It brings me comfort to recognize that these ‘ends’ aren’t ends at all, but just another necessary part of the process, like the turning of seasons,

Many of us use poets’, musicians’, and artists’ words to help us define who we or give meaning to our personal experiences. Not all of us go boldly to a tattoo parlor and ask for these words to be bound

Imagine if Ginsberg never lived in New York, or if Thoreau never visited Walden Pond, or if Maya Angelou never left the little town of Stamps, Arkansas—how different would American literature be? American poets typically have a certain flavor to

In the age of technology, there’s no excluding technology from the human experience. Though Wetch critiqued technology’s role in today’s society, he does believe technology has its upsides.

Whether you’re near the shore or a landlocked poetry-lover, it's hard to deny the powerful imagery of the sea. For some, a trip to the beach means summer, sunshine, warmth, and positivity. But for others, writing seaside channels a sense