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6 Last-Minute Gifts for Poetry-Lovers

Down to the wire on your holiday shopping? Skip the shipping delays and bank-breaking presents with these six handmade gifts for poetry-lovers that’ll save you time and money. Infuse your homemade item with a little inspiration from your loved one’s favorite poet or poem, and your gift is sure to stand out this year. 


DIY Framed Poem

This simple DIY poetry gift just calls for a poem and a frame—flowers optional. First, select a heartfelt poem. You can type it up and print it out, or handwrite it yourself if you have a steady hand. Then, all you have to do is frame it! Feel free to decorate the paper with dried flowers, soft watercolor shapes, or anything else your heart desires. 


Felt bookmark

If your loved one is an avid reader, this super-soft felt bookmark will remind them of you each time they turn a page. This is a great gift for those who will be mailing out their presents this year. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s light enough to mail in a standard envelope. 


DIY Quote Tote

Pick up a blank tote from your local craft store and give it some personality by adding your loved one’s favorite quote or poem to the front. If you want to add some extra color, consider using this dip-dye technique. You can sketch out the letters on paper first, or use a light hand to make some pencil marks on the bag before going in with your permanent colors. Be sure to use proper fabric markers, fabric paint, or fabric stamps so your design will last.


Gilded-edge notebook

Gift a journal with a regal feel using this gilded book edge tutorial. As long as you pick out the right paint (which is detailed in the video), you can paint the edges of any book or notebook with a color that matches your loved one’s personality best. Classic gold is a timeless choice, but you can also consider fun pops of fuchsia or cobalt blue, or even galaxy and floral patterns if you want to add a bit more artistic flare. 


Cross-stitched poem

Those with a crafty streak or a soft spot for embroidery art will love this cross-stitched poetry gift. This poem by Mary Oliver is a wonderful place to start, but there are thousands of affordable cross-stitch patterns on Etsy. Pick up the tools from your local craft store or invest in this comprehensive beginner cross-stitch kit if you want every color under the sun. 


Self-care recipe box

Take the recipe box concept to the next level by replacing the meal cards with recipes for self-care. Type or write encouraging poems, quotes, and ideas on each card to remind your loved ones to care for themselves all year long. While this beautiful vintage-inspired recipe box is made from scratch, you can also purchase an unfinished wood box like this one at your local craft store. Simply paint or stain the outside to give the box a polished finish and a personal touch.