July poetry releases

July’s Hottest Poetry Releases

Your summer reading list just got a whole lot cooler with these eight hot-off-the-press poetry collections. July is delivering collections from new poets as well as a few seasoned voices. From timely commentary on current events to deep self-reflection and encouraging words, there’s something for everyone in this month’s new poetry release lineup. 


1. The Color of Water: Poetry to Provoke Life and Heart by Horace McCormick, Jr.

July 1, 2020

North Carolina-based poet Horace McCormick, Jr. released his debut poetry collection this July. Relevant and timely, The Color of Water aims to challenge readers’ curiosity and empathy. His poems explore the intersection of culture, art, history, sacrifice, and struggle. 


2. Don’t be Unnerved: Poems and Aphorisms by Norma Beversdorf-Rezits

July 6, 2020

Poems from a shoebox finally reach the public in this witty, artful collection. Poet Norma Beversdorf-Rezits kept the box under her bed. She told only one of her children and requested they remain unseen until her death. In May 2020, the box was retrieved, and her profound views of spiritual philosophy, motherhood, and life came to light. 


3. The Nighttime Series: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories by Brianna Yvelisse Lopez

July 6, 2020

Serving as a port for those in an emotional storm, The Nighttime Series relates to readers’ heartbreak, anxiety, depression, and more. Readers will find both fiction and nonfiction, poetry and short stories inside. Each piece extends a metaphorical lifeline to those in need, a chance to feel understood. 


4. In the Dark, Soft Earth: Poetry of Love, Nature, Spirituality, and Dreams by Frank Watson

July 7, 2020

California-born and New York-based poet Frank Watson creates a captivating and seductive collection with In the Dark, Soft Earth. Weaving together images of nature, dreams, tarot symbolism, and even blues, his poems subvert expectations and stimulate the senses. 


5. The Sun Will Rise and So Will We by Jennae Cecelia

July 7, 2020

An inspirational and encouraging read, The Sun Will Rise and So Will We helps readers see the light at the end of the tunnel. Author Jennae Cecelia writes to help others feel heard, comforted, and even rooted for in times of hardship. 


6. Dates and Times: A Book of Poetry by H. E. Davis

July 9, 2020

Poet H. E. Davis’ debut poetry collection spans 30 years of work, life experience, and maturation. Themes of life, family, and love are underpinned with philosophy and spirituality as Davis captures her ever-transforming thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 


7. American Fries: Poems and Short Stories by Jared Morningstar

July 10, 2020

America comes under the microscope in this analytical collection. Jared Morningstar’s American Fries takes a look at politics, pop culture, fantasies, and dreams through various perspectives of the American experience. With a mix of poetry and short stories, readers will walk away with plenty to chew on. 


8. The Things I Didn’t Say in Therapy by Logan Duane

July 10, 2020

In her debut poetry collection, Logan Duane lets vulnerability take center stage. Things I Didn’t Say in Therapy is a practice in letting the truth set you free. Duane explores themes of grief, abuse, love, and resilience throughout the collection, leaving readers with a sense of shared intimacy and understanding.