How to Embrace Singlehood Through Poetry

Whether you’re newly single or a longtime lone-wolf, navigating the world on your own is an exciting time. Despite pressures from movies, TV, and even people around you, romantic relationships aren’t the end-all-be-all, and singlehood is a great opportunity for self-exploration. It’s a chance to analyze your goals and desires, achieve growth, and develop a greater understanding of yourself—not just as a poet, but as a person overall. To celebrate the strengths of singlehood, we’ve selected 12 empowering poems to remind you of your strength from within. 


1. “I was born to choose…” by @poetartvon

Place yourself in the driver’s seat with this powerful poem. Remember that you are powerful enough to choose your relationship status, choose your partner, and choose all other aspects of your life. Don’t let outside pressures convince you otherwise. 


2. “I am worthy…” by @alison.malee

Meditate on this empowering mantra from poet Alison Malee. No matter what hardships come your way, no matter what mistakes you make, remember your worth. Another person, a promotion, or another material item won’t change that. It comes from within. 


3. “it was when i stopped searching…” by @rupikaur_

Best-selling poet Rupi Kaur reminds us to find strength from within in this brief, beautiful poem. Remember that the feeling of being “at home” lies within us, not within others, and not in a certain place or time. 


4. “Good Company” by @beautaplin

Consider what it means to be your own best friend. Beau Taplin captures the importance of this idea in his poem, “Good Company.” Even those with the strongest support systems will find themselves alone from time to time, and that’s okay. 


5. “I am…” by @alex_elle

This visual poem by Alex Elle is a wonderful reminder to trust your process. Remember that your journey will include triumphs and tribulations, high and low times, that you must weather with honesty, acceptance, and patience. 


6. “Stardust within…” by @ladybookmad

This tweeted poem by Amanda Lovelace is another reminder of the power that can come from within. When the world around you goes dark, remember that you have the power to create your own joy. 


7. “Listen to your soul…” by @mirthamichelle

When you feel lost or alone, stop for a moment to listen to your soul. Often, the answers you’re seeking have been inside you all along. It just takes a moment of quiet for us to look for them.


8. “Pluck away the flowers…” by @iambrillyant

Singlehood is an opportunity for a special kind of growth, a growth that lies solely in your own direction. If you remain true to yourself during this time, the growth you find will be yours and yours alone. 


9. “A new version…” by @yung_pueblo

Growth, of course, comes with change. “A new version” by Yung Pueblo serves as a reminder to be open to those changes. Your personality and perspectives are not fixed. While many things stay the same, some parts of you may change in the name of personal growth—and that’s a good thing!


10. “They do not complete you…” by @courtneypeppernell

Forget the “other-half” storyline that movies and TV perpetuate. You are whole on your own, and singlehood will show you that. There is no one on the planet who can complete you but you. 


11. “Mythbuster” by @cyrusparker

Take your time on this journey of one-ness. Self-love is a slow and never-ending process. While some days are easier than others, remember to choose habits that build your self-love rather than tear it down. 


12. “I am a force…” by @beingupile

Upile Chisala brings it home with another reminder of your ability to produce joy. Rather than looking to external influences for your happiness, remember how it feels to radiate joy and channel that feeling each day.