get rid of writer's block

8 Simple Things to Do to Relieve Your Writing Blues

Sometimes we writers suffer from the writing blues. We look at our work and we see no worth in it. This comes from a multitude of feelings, including self-doubt, perfectionism, comparison, and many more. However, there are things we can do to relieve and avoid our sadness. Below, you will find a list of simple and free things to hush your sorrow. 


Revisit an old piece

Search your pages and find a work that you are proud of. Why does it fill you with pride? Focus on that feeling. You did it once, so you are more than capable of doing it again. 


Write down three things you love about your writing 

Is it the tone, the atmosphere, the choice of words? You know your writing better than anyone. Don’t be shy; take the opportunity to recognize your abilities.    


Make a collage inspired by your work  

Collages are a wonderful way to visualize your writing essence. They are used in story settings, to develop characters, and even in poetry. Gather photographs, drawings, and objects that have a connection to your writing. Maybe it can work as a vision board.       


Listen to a writing podcast 

Listening to others can help you understand that you are not alone. There are quite a lot of interesting podcasts about everything related to writing. My recommendation is Grow with Soul.


Talk to someone you trust 

Writing is a solitary craft, but you can reach out to another writer or friend to let them know how you’re feeling. Having conversations about your writing is important to remove the aching from your chest.     


Visit the library 

Libraries – the houses of free books. Dedicate a morning or an afternoon to explore the library. Browse the sections you love the most. Bring a book home and enjoy it. 


Go for a walk 

Are you a mountain soul? A beach dweller? No matter the landscape, immerse yourself in nature. Bring a pen and notebook to write about the sounds, scents, and silhouettes of the environment around you.    


Watch and listen   

Films are a marvelous source of storytelling. Plan an evening marathon of movies and indulge in the motion of poetry. Also, listen to music. Close your eyes and let the melody guide you.


“If you write 10k a day, you will end up with a book. If you write 1k a day, you will end up with a book. If you write 500 words every Tuesday, you will end up with a book. If you write 100 words before bed, or 50 whenever you can a day, you will end up with a book.” — V. E. Schwab


The lines above are crucial because they remind you to never stop writing. Push the bad sentiments away and meet the best of your writing at the end of your pencil. Don’t let fear take you away from the writer you are and the writer you can be. Your voice is needed and we are here to listen.