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5 Galentine’s Poems To Show Your Gals How Special They Are To You

While romantic love gets a lot of attention in February, there is another love that runs deep and is deserving of recognition as well: the love for our dearest friends—or, as coined by Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, our Galentines. These are the women who have stood the test of time and have poured out their love and support for us every step of the way. These women deserve more than just a day of recognition. They deserve a lifetime. But if you are looking for the words to show your Galentines just how much they mean to you, here is a great list to get you started. 


1. Clairel Estevez


“A Peculiar Bond”

It isn’t the red ribbon that binds us together.

The root that unifies us, does not derive

from a tree on the wall.

This bond knows no genetics.

Friendship is a peculiar seed.

No matter the season, the weather,

nor the time of day.

When planted on a nourishing soul,

it will always bear fruit.


Reading this poem is a beautiful way to reflect on how much you’ve grown with your Galentine. Through every changing season and circumstance, your decision to nurture your friendship proved fruitful and oh-so-stunning. Friendship is hard work, and when it has been cared for and protected over the years, it will blossom and flourish in every season. Take a moment to thank the people who took the extra time and care to ensure the growth of a beautiful and enduring relationship. 


2. K.Y. Robinson 


“a true friend watches you bloom

and doesn’t resent the sunlight”


Our Galentines are often our best cheerleaders. They are not threatened by our growth or our successes. They are celebrating right alongside us. A true friend is present in the highest highs and lowest lows. They do not shy away from success or sorrow. They are constant and consistent sources of support, and they make the best hype squad a girl could ask for. 


3. Hafiz


“Your heart 

and my heart 

are very, very

old friends.”


Some souls just click right from the start. There will be some friends who come into your life and you’ll feel like they were always meant to be there. You’ll feel how much their presence enriches your life, and you’ll be grateful to be united with another soul who feels so familiar and so safe. It’s the type of bond that persists and remains year after year. Do you have a Galentine who fits this description perfectly? Tell her! 


4. Yung Pueblo


“attributes of a good friend:

they feel like home

they are honest with you

they remind you of your power

they support you in your healing

they have a rejuvenating presence

they hold a vision of your success

they support you in new adventures

they lift you up with joy and laughter

they bring out the best version of you”


This list is such a profound snapshot of our best friendships. It is a reminder of all the traits that we are so grateful for in our Galentines, as well as a reminder of the kind of friend we should aspire to be to others. When you find a friend who embodies these attributes, you can count yourself immensely blessed. Hang on to those friendships tightly. They are rare treasures. 


5. Morgan Harper Nichols


“keep on being you

keep on doing 

those beautiful

honest things you do

in this ever-

moving world,

we need more people

like you.” 


This last poem serves as a beautiful reminder to our Galentines that we see them. We see their energy and their effort, and we know how desperately the world needs more of that light. It gives us the chance to encourage them the way they always encourage us. It helps give us the words to lift them up and show them how much their friendship has impacted our lives—because no matter what, we all need to continue to root each other on. Let your Galentines know that they are so appreciated and loved for everything they do. 


I hope this list opens up an opportunity for you to love on the ladies in your life who have shown you what forever friendship looks like.


Happy Galentine’s Day!