When Gabriel was in his early and formative salad days, he was given a book of poetry on fire by his father. Nothing was the same for him. What sparked a voracious appetite for reading, turned into an affinity for the written word, and Gabriel is now both a student of English Literature and a writer. One word at a time, he hopes to create a body of work that will create passion in the world, the same way that first book of poems did his. In an attempt to bridge the ever-widening divide between the literature intellectual studying classical structure and verse with the raw artist who embodies modernity by painting poetry on the walls of the city, Gabriel Sage’s work attempts to speak to the array of readers that exist today. With a deep appreciation for the seminal writers that shaped the craft of writing, Gabriel hopes to create with both tradition, and a unique view of the world that can only be achieved by a millennial living neck deep in the sludge of today’s strange culture

Selected Poems