Fun Ideas for a Summer-Themed Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to read more, connect with fellow poetry enthusiasts, and gain insight into different perspectives on poetry collections. But meetings can get monotonous, so this summer, why not shake up your book club with seasonal-inspired book club gatherings? To help, here are some fun ideas for a summer-themed book club!

Read summer poetry collections

Celebrate the sunny season by adding summery poetry collections to your club’s TBR list. Choose collections that are either overtly summer-inspired or explore themes characteristic of the season like joy, love, and nostalgia. As your group compiles your list, check out these recommendations.


Curate a summer music playlist

Music can add to a book club meeting’s ambiance by creating a calming, creative atmosphere that allows members to feel at ease during discussions. This summer, curate a summer music playlist to be listened to during meetings. Provide variety by choosing a wide range of music, from beloved pop anthems to indie folk songs. While you build your playlist, consider music that relates to your club’s summer collections. For inspiration, check out our music and poetry pairings.


Incorporate summer-themed writing prompts into meetings

Inspire creativity and empower your club’s members to share their own stories by incorporating summer-themed writing prompts into meetings. To enhance the meeting experience, consider pulling inspiration from your book club’s summer selections. Set aside some time at the end of each meeting for writing, encouraging members to share their work with the group after to build confidence and community. 


Plan picnic gatherings

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Soak in the warmth of summer by planning morning picnic meetings for your book club. Whether you prepare an elaborate spread or each member simply brings their own food and beverage, be sure to choose accessible but beautiful locations to enjoy your gatherings. Do you all live near a park or nature preserve, for example? Or maybe a member has a backyard you can hang out in? Wherever you meet, don’t forget to pick places with shade!


Organize beach or lake outings

As summer rolls in, beat the heat with beach or lake outings for your book club. Bring your poetry books, pack some snacks, and enjoy literary discussions by the water. Whether you turn these meetings into weekend getaways or simply plan afternoon outings, cool breeze and inviting waters will provide a relaxing, inspiring environment to share opinions about your current selection.


Meet for coffee shop/cafe chats

If your book club prefers the indoors, escape summer’s high temperatures with coffee shops and cafe chats. Consider local businesses you’ve wanted to visit but haven’t had a reason to—here’s your excuse! Cold beverages and locally-made appetizers will have your group feeling comfortable and ready to explore your club’s collections.


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