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Four Great Poetry Audiobooks for Audiobook Month

June is Audiobook Month, and there is so much to celebrate! I’ll admit, I was a little late to this party, but I absolutely love audiobooks these days, and I wish I had started listening to them sooner. With busy schedules and to-do lists, audiobooks have allowed me to stay engaged with my favorite books and authors. Whether you are going for a run, doing chores, or driving to work, audiobooks are a game-changer for the “on-the-go” person. They are also a great way to experience stories with others, as the format makes it easy to listen with a friend or a group. For all of us poetry lovers, many collections by our favorite poets have been developed into audiobooks. 


Audiobooks read by the authors are such a special treat because it takes the poetic experience to the next level, as you feel the passion and emotion of the poet in their narrating. It makes it feel even more personal, and even if you’ve read the collection already, you’ll surely enjoy the audio version as well and may even find another favorite poem.


You can purchase audiobooks online, pay monthly for an audiobook subscription service such as Audible or Scribd, or you can use your library or a library app such as Libby to find some great selections. I will tell you that I am a huge fan of the Libby app and use it quite frequently. There are options for every budget and every bookworm.


So, let’s take a look at some great options for your next poetry audiobook experience! 



1. Milk and Honey—Rupi Kaur 

Mlik and Honey is a beautiful collection of poetry that addresses topics such as love and loss, pain and healing, and the bittersweet human experience. Not only is Rupi Kaur an incredible poet, but she is also a sensational spoken word performer. She brings her poetry to life in this audiobook, as you get to hear the poems with the tone and emphasis she intended. After hearing this collection read by Rupi herself, you’ll have a renewed appreciation for her personal style and poetic voice. I imagine listening to this audiobook after a long day with a glass of wine. 


2. Every Word You Cannot Say—Iain S. Thomas 

This dramatized audiobook selection is narrated by the book’s author, Iain S. Thomas, and Roshina Ratnam. This poetic collection seeks to free people through the power of words, urging us to say what is on our hearts and listen to others when they do the same. Through listening and learning from one another, we can talk about the things that matter, and we can heal. This is sure to be a special audiobook experience for all poetry fans. I imagine listening to this audiobook on a long drive. 


3. Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul—Nikita Gill

In this collection, poet Nikita Gill is changing the way we experience fairytales. She is restructuring the “princess” role to be built upon courage and strength. The princess and the hero can be one and the same. There may be more to the villain than first meets the eye. Things are not always what they seem, but they are always worth a deeper look: into breaking stereotypes, into breaking down walls, and into truly experiencing the unique and inspiring stories of women that go way beyond the “happily ever after” we are accustomed to reading. I imagine listening to this audiobook as I am going for a run.


4. Inward—Yung Pueblo 

Inward is a poetry collection that centers on the power of self-acceptance and love as you move toward healing. Pueblo’s insightful wisdom helps the reader feel encouraged to let go of the things that hurt and move forward toward the things that transform. The reader will feel encouraged to spend time in reflection as they learn more about themselves and their own hearts. This audiobook will inspire and encourage people to grow, to change, and to learn. I imagine listening to this audiobook in nature, whether I am on a walk or sitting on my porch. 


No matter how you choose to incorporate them, poetry audiobooks are a great chance to embrace the spoken word in a way that can fit into your schedule. I hope you enjoy these recommendations. Let us know which poetry audiobooks you’ve been listening to in the comments. Happy Audiobook Month!