Chloë Frayne

Chloë Frayne is an LGBT author from a small town in South Australia. Chloë writes with her inspiration drawn from experiences in love, long-distance relationships, traveling, healing, hope, and adventure. She began her writing career in 2016 and has self-published two titles. She has written articles for notable publications such as Curve Magazine and collaborated with companies around the world.

Dividing her life between being at home with her family and traveling around the world, Chloë has visited Indonesia, Canada, four countries of Africa and traveled extensively through the U.S. and Australia, meeting people she has connected with throughout her career along the way.

Chloë can usually be found writing at home, by the sea, down antique store aisles, or carrying her typewriter through airports. It is her sincere and fundamental hope to always be finding new ways to love people