4 Female Powerhouse Poets You Should Be Reading



A sign of a good poem is one that is moving and relatable. A sign of a great poem is one that spark change. In a community of exceptional female poets who are using their voices for change, equality, and positivity,  four powerhouse poets are creating a revolution of female empowerment and acceptance.

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1. Amanda Lovelace  

“point your/red gold palms/towards the kingdom./melt it./melt it./melt it./resurrect/a queendom/in its/place---/a protected/sanctuary where/we can finally/be equal.”

Lovelace creates worlds of magic and fire with her poetry, empowering  women to find the confidence to save themselves and the courage to fight  for their voice. Her work is a battle-cry for change and a call to accept ourselves and one another. Lovelace creates a magical community with her poetry collections where women can be who they are. She is a poet whose words smolder on every page.

2. Lauren Bowman

“did you hate/that part of you/before someone/told you/you should”

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Bowman writes about how beautiful it is to be a woman and how we should embrace everything that makes us who we are. This includes embracing our differences and learning to define ourselves on our own terms, without shame or societal expectations holding us back. Her writing promotes the bravery of opening ourselves to love after heartbreak and pain.

Bowman also writes about love and encourages her readers to fight for love that transcends a physical space and peers straight into the soul. Her poems provide a renewed sense of confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance with unapologetic grace.

3. Nikita Gill

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The Ghosts of all the women/ you used to be are all/so proud of who you have become,/storm child made of/wild and flame.”

Nikita Gill’s poetry stuns me with its eloquence and its significance. She writes about women reclaiming their stories and being proud of their role in them. Gill writes often about pain, trauma, and heartbreak, and she does it in such a way that invites readers to heal alongside her. Her work unites every soul who has ever gone through hardships while also reminding women of their power and their strength. Gill writes about the resilience of women’s bodies and the tenacity of our souls, reminding us of what a marvel we truly are. She is an unwavering advocate for her fellow women, fighting for change one poem at a time.

4. Cleo Wade

Express yourself. Don’t walk/around with the burden/of unsaid things. Unlived/talents, and untold stories./free yourself. Live out loud.”

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Cleo Wade is a beacon of light and love with her writing. She inspires her readers to shine in their authentic truth and live the life they’ve always dreamed of living. She is a fierce advocate for love and equality for all people, and she encourages readers to live with purpose and bravery. This sometimes means creating change, being part of change, or fighting for change. Her writing ignites a spark in all of her readers, fueled by love and the desire to create the kind of story one can be proud of.

These empowering women are light. They shine in their truth and their passion for change. I hope reading some of their work has ignited a spark in you.

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