Like The Seasons, These 5 Poems will Help You Embrace the Beauty of Change


written by liz newman

Fall is the perfect season to reflect on the beauty of change and transformation. The world around us is transitioning—the leaves into vibrant hues of red and orange, the air becoming crisp and cool. It serves as the perfect time of year to shed old habits, shed our fears, and let go of the things that hold us back from being our most authentic selves.

These poems are the perfect catalysts for change because they motivate the reader to let go and fall into who they were always meant to be. Change can be scary, but it can also be a world of possibility. I hope that these poems get you excited for what’s to come, for you are ever-evolving.

1. “I am working on being more of myself and less of what the world would like me to be.”- Madalina Coman

This is a lovely piece about reflection. We all spend so much time trying to figure out who we are. And that process requires becoming and unbecoming so many different versions of ourselves. We need to let go of expectation and perception and hold on to what truly makes us unique and beautiful.

2. “Breathe. Learn. Let Go. Take your heart and wipe it clean, for the parts of us that hurt the most are meant to leave once they have felt their rain.” -Wilder Poetry

This is a beautiful reminder to all of us that when we are ready, we can let go of the pain and begin again. We can be renewed and wiped clean from the past. We can grow from the lessons we learn and move forward in light and courage.

3. “She packed her bags and took a final glance around to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Turned off the lights, closed the door. Lit the match, and never looked back.” -Broms The Poet  

This poem reminds us that sometimes walking away means never looking back. Sometimes the only way we can grow is by letting go of the things that hold us back. It is through this letting go that we are led to something new, and it could be everything we never realized we needed.

4. “She felt the interstate shift under her feet, each step a promise of who she would one day become.”
And It Began-
Marisa Donnelly

This poem shines with the promise of new beginnings. While change can be scary, it can also be electrifying. Just making the decision to try something new can give us clarity we never knew we had. It is an adventure and it is our process to find ourselves, whether it’s through a new place, pursuing a new idea, or just starting over with a new mindset.

5. “We are sponges for surroundings, and I am wringing my body free of toxins, my mind is clear, so I soak (bathe and bathe) in the earth, an entire world held within this skull, and I ingest the wild, full for now, but I become and become again.” - Sponge by Ashley Sapp

I think that a big part of moving forward is realizing that we aren’t just losing a piece of who we used to be, we are gaining a chance to become all that we could be. And, we can start over anytime we want; we can begin again as many times as we need to. There is such courage in starting over. This is so beautifully illustrated in this piece by Ashley Sapp.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and a perfect symbol for the change that can occur within each of us. I hope these poems have gotten you excited about new beginnings and all the positive things that change can bring. I hope these poems give you the courage to take your first steps toward the change that will grow you, the change that brings you closer to your purpose.  

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