These 5 Male Poets Will Stir Your Soul


Written by Michelle gordon

With words that reach into your soul, these five poets have the ability to leave you shooketh in the most glorious way possible.

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Malanda Jean Claude

Malanda once wrote in an Instagram post that a friend asked him, “How do you write with such wingspan?” Reading his poetry, it’s easy to see where his friend was coming from. His writing makes you feel all of the feels on every spectrum. His book Because of a Woman reflects on the lessons he has learned from the women in his life and how he has used them to become a better man. On his Twitter and Instagram pages, he engages with his audience by asking thought-provoking questions that they might be too afraid to ask or discuss.


Joel L. Daniels

Joel Leon’s writing reads like sage advice that you would receive from an older brother. It’s comforting and down-to-earth. His poetry mirrors the flow of hip hop. In his book A Book About Things I Will Tell My Daughter, he muses on how blackness, fatherhood, mental health, and love take shape in our society and how they intertwine. Check out his Instagram page for his writing as well as adorable pictures of his daughter.


Andra Knox

Andra Knox's writing takes his readers  through the lifelong journey of learning and unlearning identities. In his book Young Adult,  Andra uses poetry, prose, and even personal prayers to offer his perspectives on self love, personal growth, and navigating the transition into adulthood.


Dae D. Lee

Dae’s stream-of-consciousness style of writing allows us an intimate view of his thoughts. Author of the poetry and prose collection Marigold, Dae shows us that growth is never easy nor linear—it is a process that is worth the bumps and bruises.


Tapiwa Mugabe

Tapiwa writes with a level of tenderness that is always refreshing to read. Like the other poets on this list, Tapiwa writes from a place of vulnerability, which demonstrates  strength in the softest moments. His book Zimbabwe explores themes such as family, love, healing, and heritage.

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