Lizzy Burnam is a writer currently based in the Pacific Northwest with her partner and many half-read books. She believes in whimsy, nonsense, love, hope, and revelry. Follow more of her work at

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, 2024’s summer solstice will fall on June 20, marking the start of astronomical summer and the longest day of the year. With traditions ranging from jumping over bonfires to hiking to the

The first poems were songs. Poetry began as an oral tradition used to pass down stories and wisdom through generations. It’s no wonder, then, that modern poetry still relies strongly on musicality, rhythm, and intonation. If you’re not listening to

Everyone needs a self-care routine—especially poets, who are often highly sensitive and tuned into the world around them. Luckily, poetry itself is a reliable creative outlet that helps us cope, build communities, and heal from trauma. Here are 4 ways