9 August Poetry Prompts to Boost Your Writing Mojo

Maybe you’ve hit a lull with your writing mojo. Maybe you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Maybe you’re suddenly struck with the itch to write, but you’re looking for a little idea boost. No matter what brought you here, we hope you leave inspired. To help you kick off your next writing session, we’ve compiled a list of 9 poetry prompts. 


1. First day of school 

It’s back-to-school season for many, albeit this school year will be unlike any others. Think back to your first day of school and write a poem about it. Was it a good day, or a bad one? Were you excited, scared, both?


2. Time Traveler

This prompt comes from the lovely Poets & Writers site. Staffers say to use Merriam Webster’s time traveler engine to get inspired. Pick a year, any year, and see the words first recorded on that year. Use those words to write a poem that captures the zeitgeist of that era, or pick an interesting word and explore it through poetry.


3. Feel the heat

It is August, after all. Head outside and spend a few moments in the sun (or slap on some sunscreen if you plan to stay for longer). Write a poem about how the sun feels on your skin, how it might warm your clothes, or how the brightness changes your vision. 


4. Your first drink of the day

Whether you’re a coffee drinker, a tea-time type, or just a tried and true water lover, the first drink of the day is in many ways a ritual. Write a poem about how that first sip feels, your relationship to the beverage, or other little parts of the moment that might be missed on a regular day. 


5. The best party yet

Think back to a time you truly enjoyed yourself at a social event. Whether it was a block party rager or a game of cards with a few friends, try to remember your favorite parts of the event. What makes this day, in particular, stand out to you? 


6. A cool summer food

Write a poem about your favorite food to eat in the summer. Is it a refreshing watermelon? A cool popsicle? Potato salad? Take a moment to unpack the little things that make this summer treat so special to you. 


7. Water wings

Learning to swim is a momentous occasion for many. Do you remember the day you learned? Do you still like swimming today? Write a poem about your relationship to water—specifically about swimming in it.


8. An evening outdoors

Summer nights are a popular topic in music and literature for a good reason. Write a poem about a night spent under the stars, catching fireflies, or another evening spent outside. 


9. Sounds of the neighborhood

What does your neighborhood sound like in the summer? Perhaps you hear children play, or perhaps the heat sends everyone indoors. Write a poem about the sounds you hear outside right now.


No matter which prompt you choose, remember to run with it! Don’t feel like you have to stick to a script. These prompts are a source of inspiration, but wherever you go with them is up to you.