Old Monarch audiobook

4 Audiobooks That Are a Must-Listen for All Music Lovers

Grab your headphones and get ready to indulge in these four musically infused poetry collections. Audiobooks are taking the literary world by storm, providing an efficient, creative, and intimate experience for readers. If those reasons are not already enough to draw you in, then these four collections written by musicians certainly will.


Old Monarch by Courtney Marie Andrews


After many active years as a musical artist, singer-songwriter and Arizona native Courtney Marie Andrews now has her first-ever poetry collection, Old Monarch, under her belt. In this collection, the lyrically gifted artist uses the metaphor of metamorphosis to explore her journey through life. Featuring narration and original score by Andrews herself, the audiobook version of Old Monarch allows listeners to enjoy her work in a personal and intimate fashion. The evolution that happens across the collection becomes tangible, and when paired with music, the arch of Andrews’s journey is audibly moving. The inspiring ups and downs shared in her pieces become even more powerful in audio, making the collection a must-listen for music and poetry consumers alike.


Vulnerable AF by Tank Ball


New Orleans-based slam-poet and Grammy-nominated recording artist Tarriona Ball (aka “Tank”) has branched out from her work as a singer in the group Tank and the Bangas to produce a very personal yet relatable collection of poetry. Her debut book, Vulnerable AF, blends smooth music with even smoother words. It takes readers on a journey through moments and lessons from a past relationship that make Tank question and redefine her self-worth. To further enhance the experience, Tank narrates the collection in an audiobook that brings listeners into her world sonically. Performed by Tank and scored by pianist Robert Glasper, Tank’s poems come to life with character and charm. The calmness of Glasper’s accompaniment paired with Tank’s power punch delivery makes Vulnerable AF a binge-worthy listen. If you love music, then you will dig this collection that exemplifies how music and spoken word can go hand-in-hand to bring us art unlike any other.


Every Good Boy Does Fine by Calvin Arsenia


Renowned Kansas City artist Calvin Arsenia is set to release his much-anticipated debut book, Every Good Boy Does Fine, this September. A collision of music, poetry, and passion, the autobiographical collection follows Arsenia’s journey of self-discovery, with intimate reflections on his life as a queer, Black man who was raised in an Evangelical community. Showcasing a profound connection to music, the collection explores identity and belonging in a way that is both highly personal and sharply resonant.


Arsenia’s energetic and aesthetically inspiring live shows leave lasting impressions amongst fans, and Every Good Boy Does Fine will surely do the same. The audiobook will be performed and scored by Arsenia, combining his love of music with poetry to bring listeners a hybrid experience. Music enthusiasts will be able to join Arsenia in appreciation of music through his performance of his honest and triumphant poetry.


Maps for the Modern World by Valerie June


Tennessee artist Valerie June Hockett, known for her work as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, released her first book, Maps for the Modern World, in April, bringing readers an outlet to mindfulness. Having produced two best-selling solo albums, her collection follows suit with its themes of finding harmony, centering yourself, and achieving self-awareness in life.


Hockett’s soft guide to the challenges of being human is only heightened by her voice in the audio recording of Maps for the Modern World. Performed with lyrical flow by June and enhanced with musical elements sourced separate from her work, the collection feels like a meditation. While listening to her voice, calmness flows in and out of every stanza, acting as a series of poems that can help listeners recenter in their daily lives. Given her musical background, Hockett’s voice makes the collection rhythmic and connected, bringing the messages she intended on the page to life in the ears of her listeners. Music has a way of moving us to find relation and comfort through lyrics and sound, and this collection does that and more by adding in spoken word that invites us to feel openly.