Araceli Ream and the Importance of Fighting for Romance in Relationships

For this month’s spotlight, I want to do something a little different; I want to highlight love and relationships. Araceli Ream, our featured poet, says that romance is the number one topic she seeks to share in her poetry.


When asked about how her relationship has impacted her poetry, Araceli had this to say: 


Araceli Ream: “The biggest muse of my life is my husband. I never really knew what unconditional love was until I met him. It was a whirlwind romance. We met on and messaged/texted for a few days until our first date. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since then. I’ve blossomed so much since meeting him.”


Araceli Ream

Araceli speaks very fondly of her relationship with her husband, and it is clear he has inspired her in her personal growth and in her writing. Love, in its purest form, challenges us and changes us. When we find someone special to spend our lives with, we find a support system, a cheerleader, and a best friend all wrapped into one. Romance isn’t just for the movies or summer flings; it is a special experience for long-term couples as well. 


Araceli Ream: “I think romance is such an important thing to fight for because love is one of the essential needs for humansurvival. A person needs unconditional love and acceptance in order to blossom and grow. I think it’s dangerous in our society that media plays too much of a role on expectations of ‘love.’ Many people place too much emphasis on physical appearance and on what people think of their relationship/significant other.” 


Araceli brings up how the internet, social media, and lots of other external factors can place so many expectations on love and relationships. It can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing your relationship to another person’s or trying to make sure you’re presenting your relationship in a certain light for others to see. 


Araceli wants to encourage her readers to go deeper in their relationships—soul level—to truly see the other person and to let them see you. It’s important to remember that relationships are worth cultivating, but even at their purest, they won’t replace the relationship you have with yourself. Your significant other should motivate you to grow as an individual, even as you grow together as a couple. Fulfilling romantic relationships are so much more than fleeting passion or lust: they are a partnership, a deep bond as you build a life together. 


Romance doesn’t always look like a Hallmark movie, but it is alive in the quiet, ordinary, everyday moments of life. As you grow in your relationship, you’ll learn what romance looks like to you, and you’ll be able to speak your partner’s unique love language even more fluently. Love isn’t always easy, and choosing to share your life with another person will always have its fair share of growing pains—but, for many, the opportunity to grow alongside a life partner, to appreciate one another as you walk through life’s different seasons hand in hand, is well worth fighting for.  


When asked to share a poem that she felt exemplified this topic, Araceli shared this beautiful piece inspired by her husband: 


“The Dance: 


And we danced in our dreams, 

each night bringing us closer, 

until the day we finally met 

and embraced with memories 

lingering in our hearts.


Love and romance are causes that are close to my heart, and it brings me so much joy to showcase relationships as they fight to keep those sparks alive in their everyday love stories. The real loves may look different from the movies, but they are so much deeper. For more work from Araceli, be sure to follow her on Facebook or Instagram.