A Blessing for These Times by Tanya Markul

a blessing for these times


A blessing to our young, the children, babies and to those caring for children and those bearing our future, to the embryonic kicks of creation, to the saplings, buds, calves and cubs—

to the child within us all.


A blessing to those with weakened immune systems, to those who have fallen ill, to the elderly, to those caring for the sick and for our grandmothers and grandfathers, to the wise ones, the elders, to those nearing the Great Divide, to the ancient lifeforms—

to the aging of all of us.


A blessing to Great Mother Earth, to the elements, to all of Nature and every body of water, grain of sand, trunk and petal, to every creature and animal—

to the wild within each one of us.



Hope you’re well!

With love, Tanya