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9 Viral TikTok Poetry Collections that Earned the Hype

If you love poetry and you’re on TikTok, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across #poetrytok, #tiktokpoetry, #booktok, or one of the many other TikTok niches for reading enthusiasts. To join in on the excitement, we’ve selected nine viral TikTok poetry collections you might want to add to your shelf. Don’t miss these emotional and inspiring poetry books! 


Poems for the Signs by Michaela Angemeer

From the bestselling author of You’ll Come Back to Yourself, this collection by Michaela Angemeer explores the twelve astrological signs through poetry. Readers will begin and end with the Pisces sign, brought through a journey of self-love, reflection, and healing. 


@michaelapoetry from ‘poems for the signs’ 🤍 #poetrytok #poetry #heartbreak ♬ original sound – Bertie Newman


Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

With four installments, the Pillow Thoughts series by Courtney Peppernell has a special place in BookTok’s heart. Readers of Pillow Thoughts I through IV will be invited to explore themes of heartbreak, love, and raw emotion. 



New Chapter “If you are missing someone” #pillowthoughts #love #depressionquotes #message #booktok #fyp #poetry #lonely

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Shades of Lovers by Catarine Hancock

From the author of How the Words Come and The Boys I’ve Loved At the End of the World, this heartfelt collection navigates the many delights and sorrows love can bring. Readers searching for a story of heartbreak and healing will adore this collection. 


@catarinehancockfrom ‘shades of lovers’ ❤️♬ pick and choose – Daniel Nunnelee


All That You Deserve by Jacqueline Whitney

Themes of self-love and acceptance take center stage in this powerful collection by Jacqueline Whitney. Life can be difficult, but All That You Deserve reminds readers to give themselves unconditional love and encourages them to step toward their dreams. 


@gentle.reminders just in case mo one else’s told you lately – i’m proud of you. 📖 All That You Deserve by Jacqueline Whitney #worldmentalhealthday ♬ snowfall (Slowed + Reverb) – Øneheart & Reidenshi


Aphrodite Made Me Do It by Trista Mateer

Voted one of the best poetry collections of 2019 by Goodreads users, this poetry collection weaves together goddess themes and tarot to create a healing and dreamlike collection. Examining romantic, platonic, and self-love, Aphrodite Made Me Do It encourages readers to take control of their origin stories. 


@tristamateer my book Aphrodite Made Me Do It is available from amazon, B&N, indigo, waterstones, etc. #goddess #booktok #swifttok #poem #pov ♬ The Man – Taylor Swift


What Kind of Woman by Kate Baer

This New York Times bestselling collection was poet Kate Baer’s debut. Stunning and honest, What Kind of Woman examines the many roles women must play in the world today—mother, partner, friend, and more. Baer’s sharp and clear voice gives a 21st-century look at our lives and encourages us to move forward with confidence. 


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Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart

If you love the show Euphoria, this collection on young love will find a special place in your heart. Passion and heartbreak are explored in bite-size yet profound poems. As an added bonus, evocative illustrations can be found throughout the collection. 


@tristamateer my book Aphrodite Made Me Do It is available from amazon, B&N, indigo, waterstones, etc. #goddess #booktok #swifttok #poem #pov ♬ The Man – Taylor Swift


The Perks of Solitude by Caitlin Kelly

Teenhood falls under the microscope in this poetry collection authored by Caitlin Kelly. At just twenty years old, Kelly already has four collections under her belt. The Perks of Solitude provide an intimate look into her mind and her empty spaces. 


@user7983531903193book- the perks of solitude by caitlin kelly pg. 79♬ original sound – Feelz


Before I Forget to Say by Sarah Goldney

Have you ever held yourself back? Refrained from speaking your mind? Kept your feelings inside? If so, this collection is for you. Before I Forget to Say by Sarah Goldney is a kind yet powerful reminder to let the truth be spoken aloud.


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