potted plants on a mantle

8 Poetry Collections for Your Favorite Houseplants

Plant parents will be familiar with the old axiom that talking to your houseplants will help them grow. In fact, scientists have spent a great deal of time researching the subject—and the evidence is pretty promising. So if you’re wondering what to say to give your plants their daily dose of dialogue, we’ve got eight poetry collections to keep the gabbing going.


person holding pothos plant


Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus): you are your own fairytale by Amanda Lovelace

The satin pothos invites elements of luxury and texture into a space. This resilient plant loves to climb, and given the right environment, can expand anywhere from four to ten feet in length. Nurture your lil’ climber with the you are your own fairytale poetry collection by Amanda Lovelace, which channels the magical and expansive nature of this plant. 


string of pearls plant


String-of-Pearls (Curio Rowleyanus): Golden by Wilder Poetry

This delicate and regal houseplant loves to soak up the sun, especially the soft, diffused sunlight of the morning hours. However, the direct and harsh afternoon sunlight can be a bit much for this stringy succulent. Place it in a north- or east-facing window and read it a few poems from Golden by Wilder Poetry to help it thrive. 


swiss cheese plant


Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa): Vulnerable AF by Tarriona “Tank” Ball

Youthful, glossy, and fun, the swiss cheese plant adds a sense of levity to any room. Its bright green and delightfully hole-y leaves are well suited to enjoy a few poems from Vulnerable AF by Tarriona “Tank” Ball. This collection takes on themes of loss, love, heartbreak, and self-worth with a special sense of humor. 



Bonsai Cherry Blossom (Prunus): Home Body by Rupi Kaur

Owners of a cherry blossom bonsai will be well-versed in the themes of restraint and minimalism. Rupi Kaur’s Home Body is an exercise of much the same. Kaur is known for her minimal style, and this collection brings themes of love, acceptance, and rest to the surface through simple and thoughtful language. 


peace lily


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum): Serenity by F.S. Yousaf

The calming and elegant peace lily evokes a gentle stillness into the home, not unlike the collection Serenity by F.S. Yousaf. Tackling the difficult battle between fear and courage, Serenity encourages readers (and perhaps their plant listeners) to refocus their energy and cherish one another. 


snake plant


Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata): Sugar Work by Katie Marya

The snake plant can survive in almost any environment. This tough, tall, and angular plant is a testament to resilience and beauty, and it pairs perfectly with Katie Marya’s Sugar Work. This collection dives into the complexities of womanhood, race, gender, and sexuality with an unflinching voice. 


zz plant


ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem): These Are My Big Girl Pants by Amber Vittoria

The whimsical and easygoing ZZ Plant can brighten up any room. Join in on the joyous and springy energy by picking up a copy of These Are My Big Girl Pants by Amber Vittoria. This collection uses both poetry and paintings to celebrate individuality, the body, and emotion. 


two aloe vera plants


Aloe Vera: The Book of Healing by Najwa Zebian

It’s no secret that the aloe vera plant harbors a soothing and calming balm within its leaves. Care for your mind and your darling aloe with a few passages from The Book of Healing by Najwa Zebian. 


If you’re interested in the not-so-humble history of the modern houseplant, pick up a copy of Taming the Potted Beast, authored by Molly Williams and beautifully illustrated by Ellie Hajdu. Williams takes readers from the gardens of Babylon to the modern-day, fiddle-leaf fig we’ve come to know and love. Plus, she offers plenty of tips and tricks to help you keep your houseplants thriving.