8 of the Most Writer-Friendly Coffee Shops Across America

With the invigorating smell of coffee, the relaxing murmur of customers, and a familiar, cozy drink close at hand, writing at coffee shops is a long-missed pastime by many. From New York to L.A., with a smattering of stops in-between, we’ve made a list of some of the top-rated coffee shops to sit down and write in. We look forward to enjoying these writer-friendly spaces once it is safe to do so again. 


Housing Works Bookstore Café & Bar – New York City, NY

This downtown destination is a haven for bibliophiles with a humanitarian streak. 100% of Housing Works Bookstore Café & Bar’s profits fund their mission to end the dual crisis of homelessness and AIDs. All stock is donated, and almost all of their coffee shop staff are volunteers. In addition to a wide array of books to choose from, the café regularly hosts poetry readings, storytimes, reading groups, and much more. 


Bricks & Scones – Los Angeles, CA

Free wifi, easy street parking, plenty of wall outlets, and high-quality drinks and snacks make this Larchmont Village spot a favorite among writers and work-from-homers alike. With a spacious patio and secluded second floor, Bricks & Scones gives you plenty of space to choose from. 


Hexe Coffee Co. – Chicago, IL

If you like your java with an edge, Hexe Coffee Co. is a quietly cool spot to set up shop for an afternoon of writing. With barrel-aged coffees, cold brew, a selection of draft beers, wine, and plenty of pastries, you’re sure to stay satisfied during your stay. 


Black Hole – Houston, TX

In the ever-hip Houston neighborhood of Montrose sits Black Hole Coffee House—an unassuming shop that makes a gentle nod to the 90s with oversize couches set in the center of the room. With its laid-back vibe, selection of coffee drinks, teas, microbrews, and wine (plus a healthy combination of fast wifi and abundant outlets), Black Hole is a fantastic Houston spot to crack open your laptop and slip into your writing flow. 


Uncommon Grounds – Minneapolis, MN

Uncommon Grounds is unique enough to have the whole block to itself. This Uptown Minneapolis coffee shop takes a break from the hip city vibe to bring you an ornate vintage coffee shop experience. Inside a renovated Victorian country home, the shop boasts brass ceilings and a matching 50-year-old Italian espresso machine. But this romantic shop isn’t totally old-school. You’ll find a strong wifi connection and outlets to-boot inside. 


Qualia – Washington, D.C.

This small-batch roaster brings the farm-to-market approach to the coffee shop scene. While the inside of the shop is a little small, it’s plenty homey. Plus Qualia has a lovely patio to enjoy when the weather permits. If fresh coffee beans make your heart sing and pastries bring you joy, Qualia might just be your new D.C. spot.


Blue Copper Coffee Room – Salt Lake City, UT

Light roasts are the name of the game for Blue Copper Coffee. With two cozy locations in Salt Lake City, you’re sure to find friendly baristas, fresh brews, and some of the best cookies in town at either spot. Its relaxing atmosphere and patio seating (at both locations) make it an easy choice for writers looking for a breezy but productive afternoon. 


Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party – Atlanta, GA

This one-of-a-kind coffee shop lives up to its whimsical name. Located in Atlanta’s historic Candler Park neighborhood, Dr. Bombay’s offers tea, coffee, books, pastries, snacks, and of course wifi. A large portion of every sale at Dr. Bombay’s goes to support their women’s education project in Darjeeling, India: the Learning Tea.