Melody Lee Poem

8 Melody Lee Poems That Hit On A Soul Level

The best poems surpass the superficial and resonate on a soul level. Melody Lee’s poetry speaks to the heart, helping us see the beauty in even the darkest of situations or the deepest of scars. Her work encourages transparency and vulnerability. It celebrates the intricate and complex inner workings that make us unique and authentic. Her writing is an ode to the artfully complex emotions and experiences that bring meaning to every line of poetry. Save and savor these words, and pass them along to a friend who may need them. 



“You must have conquered 

horrific hurdles 

and walked alone

in the dark

for quite some time

to be so beautiful

and full of 

radiating light.”


This poem is a beautiful acknowledgment of the pain that often precedes prosperity. Our light is often born in adversity. 



“Gotta love a little

Plath mixed with

Edgar Allan Poe

on a dark gloomy day. 

Gray clouds

levitate around my heart and the raven

wants to play.”


This piece draws on the melancholy moments of our lives, anchoring classic poets like Plath and Poe as a source of comfort and nostalgia. 



“She never needed

a deep thinker.

She needed a deep

feeler, someone 

who understood,

and maybe 

that’s the same thing.”


A lot of Lee’s poems reflect on the emotional journey of being an empath. This poem is the embodiment of what we are all looking for: someone who sees us and seeks to understand us. 



“I want your scars,

your darkness, 

your secrets,

I want to see

the interior of your soul.”


The imagery in this poem speaks volumes about vulnerability and acceptance. It takes a great deal of strength to let someone in, and it takes an immense amount more to let them see the depths of your heart and soul. 



“Don’t compare her to 

sunshine and roses

when she’s clearly

orchids and moonlight.”


Lee often paints a picture of dark elegance, and this is one piece that does that beautifully. Women come in so many different packages. Sunshine isn’t the only way to exude light and beauty. Sometimes, moonlight conducts a woman’s light the best. 



“Sometimes I am 

scared to open up

and let the world

see the beautiful

tragedy breathing

inside me. I am 

not all soft petals

and pretty lace.”


This piece speaks to the sharp edges of vulnerability and the fear we all feel with truly letting others in. I love the honesty of this poem and the palpable, relatable sadness within it.



“I fall in love 

with scars the way

some fall in love

with hearts, 

for I feel beauty

where others merely

see marks.”


While Lee writes a lot about the raw and painful realities of transparency, she also writes about acceptance and seeing people for who they truly are in light of all their scars. This piece spotlights her desire to see scars as a beautiful part of another’s story. 



“I know a beautiful

soul when I feel one.

The empath in me

honors the authentic

in you.”


Empaths feel things deeply, almost intuitively. I love that Lee honors the authentic beauty of empathic souls painting a picture of acceptance and community. 


While reading Lee’s poetry, I feel a mixture of aching and acceptance. I resonate with her reflections on the scars of our stories and the unique beauty we each have within us, with a dash of classic poetry and elegant eloquence.


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