family decorating holiday tree

8 Holiday Poetry Prompts: Perspectives

It’s officially the holiday season, albeit it may look different this year. When bright lights and merry music fill the air, the feeling stirred inside each of us is unique. This is the perfect opportunity for an exercise in perspectives. This year, we’re bringing you eight holiday poetry prompts based on different points of view. From a retail worker to a rascal kitten, writing from a new perspective might help you see the holidays through a new set of eyes. 


Write a poem from the perspective of a retail worker.

The time and the place are up to you. Imagine someone who works at a card shop, a toy store, or a jewelry store. It could be 1950, 2050, or any year in between. Do they see thousands of faces a day, or only a few passers-by? Did they help someone pick out a strange gift? Or a sweet one? 


Write from the perspective of a child’s first holiday.

As adults, we may grow accustomed to the warm glow and twinkle of lights, towering trees, and velvety ribbon. Renew your awe by imagining the beauty of the season through a child’s eyes. Are things bigger or brighter? Might magic suddenly be possible? 


Write from the perspective of a cat eyeing tinsel.

Does your painstakingly decorated tree become a jungle gym for your cat each year? Take on the classic cat versus Christmas tree debacle from a whole new point of view. What might your feline friend be thinking? What makes this tree so irresistible? 


Write a poem from the perspective of a mall Santa.

The duty of a mall Santa is not for the faint of heart. If you were a mall Santa, would you be grumpy or jolly? Are children scared or excited to see you? What memorable wishes might you encounter? 


Write a poem from the perspective of an ER nurse.

Essential workers have had an especially challenging year, but let’s not forget that many of them have spent countless holidays away from their loved ones already. What thoughts might an ER nurse have on a quiet winter evening? 


Write a poem from the perspective of a Christmas tree.

This time of year, folks flood to the Christmas tree farms in droves. Imagine being a tree looking for a new home. It’s your time to shine! In a farm full of impressive firs and vibrant pines, how might you stand out? 


Write a poem from the perspective of a Salvation Army Bell Ringer.

The sound of the Salvation Army bells have become a holiday staple, but how often do we consider the people ringing them? Thousands of faces may pass each day. Some might donate or say hello, and some walk right on by. What thoughts may pass during a day in the cold? 


Write a poem from your own perspective.

While it’s fun to imagine the holidays from new points of view, it’s also a great exercise to consider our own experience. What do the holidays mean to you? What traditions might you hold dear? What sights, sounds, smells, or special people warm your heart this time of year?