7 Ways to Celebrate Poet’s Day in 2020

A day dedicated to the crafters of poetry, Poet’s Day is celebrated each year on Aug. 21. While observances like World Poetry Day are designed to celebrate the art itself, Poet’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shed some light on the people who make the art possible. Whether you’re a poet yourself or an avid poetry reader, we’ve teed up seven unique ways to celebrate Poet’s Day this year. 


Send a message to your favorite (living) poet

Even the most famed poets aren’t as out of reach as you might think. Do a little digging and you might be able to find a contact form, an email address, or a social media account to direct message. Kind words are always welcome in the poetry community, so don’t be shy. Let your favorite poets know how their work has impacted you! 


Write an ode to your favorite poet

Whether the poet you adore is living or passed, writing an ode to their work is a great way to refine your own poetry skills while you express your love for another’s work. Take this opportunity to observe how their work has influenced you as a writer. What parts of their style have you enjoyed most? What skills have you been able to take and make your own?


Revisit an old favorite collection

Do you remember the first collection that piqued your interest in poetry? Poet’s Day is a chance to revisit that work and remember how it made you feel. The collection may mean something entirely different to you now than it did when you first discovered it, and that’s part of the wonder of poetry! 


Collaborate with a fellow poet

Have a friend or acquaintance whose work you admire? Consider collaborating with them on a project to celebrate Poet’s Day. While poetry is typically a solo art, writing in the digital age gives us plenty of opportunities to work together. Whether you choose to trade feedback or invent an entire collection together based on a shared theme is up to you. 


Add a new collection to your shelf

If you’ve been circling around a new book for a while, Poet’s Day is the perfect excuse to make the purchase. Those hard-earned dollars will go to supporting a poet, and you’ll have a brand new collection to enjoy. If you’re not sure what you’d like to read yet, check out our recommended releases for August.


Join (or start) a book poetry club

Poetry book clubs can help you meet other poets and poetry lovers, as well as discover new work. Plus, group discussions are a wonderful chance to reflect on what you’ve read and gain new perspectives. If joining a poetry book club in person isn’t feasible right now, don’t forget that there are many online groups dedicated to poetry, too.


Take an online course

Poet’s Day is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Whether you’re hoping to begin a deeper appreciation for the art or you’re ready to take the next step in your writing journey, online poetry courses are a great option. With a wide variety of price points, difficulty levels, and time commitments, you’re sure to find a course that fits your needs. 


Poet’s Day is the perfect chance to say thank you to the poets we love, and even to say thank you to ourselves by carving out a little more space for poetry in our lives—even if just for a day. No matter how you choose to celebrate Poet’s Day this year, remember to enjoy it!