7 Poems for Libra Season

Libra season is in full swing, and this year it’s said to be a time of balance and harmony. As an air sign, the libra’s charming and social nature will be front and center, along with its commitment to creating equilibrium in life. Those searching for balance, equality, and stronger relationships will find great success during this time of year. To celebrate the harmonious nature of the libra, we’ve selected 7 poems for libra season


Balance” by Alice B. Fogel

From her 1993 collection Elemental, Alice B. Fogel’s poem “Balance” explores the struggle to find balance with great intensity. “I am going to keep trying / for the balance,” she writes, “remembering the risks and the value / of extremes, and that experience / teaches the length of allowable lean.”


The Friend” by Matt Hart

If strengthening friendships is on your horizon this season, “The Friend” will be your anthem. Pushcart Prize-winner Matt Hart reminds us of the soundness we find in true friendship. “The friend / puts her hand on your shoulder,” he writes. “The friend / puts his hand on your shoulder. You find / a higher power when you look.” 


What I Mean When I Say Harmony (I)” by Geffrey Davis

Award-winning, Arkansas-based poet Geffrey Davis creates a memorable and rhythmic piece with “What I Mean When I Say Harmony (I)”. The poem is from his collection Night Angler, which was awarded a James Laughlin Award. Captivating and vivacious, this poem perfectly encapsulates the energy and themes of the libra.


“Equilibrium” by Tiana Clark 

From the independent publisher Rattle: Poetry’s Winter 2015 release, “Equilibrium” is as visual as it is rhythmic. The creative spacing is sure to please any libra’s love for art and harmony. A manifesto of self-acceptance, the poem won Rattle’s 2015 poetry prize. “How the smallest part / of ourselves / cannot be divided,” wrote Clark. “The last doll / is still whole in my hands.” 


Sunday Afternoon Palindrome” by Martha Greenwald

The libra’s love for equilibrium shines through in this poem. Kentucky-based writer Martha Greenwald creates vivid images of the everyday in “Sunday Afternoon Palindrome.” Details of familiar memories can be relived and remembered both forward and backward in this lovely work. 


Having a Coke with You” by Frank O’Hara

The catchy cadence of the iconic Frank O’Hara is a perfect fit for libra season. His poem “Having a Coke with You” is the cherry on top. It captures the libra’s love for relationships and bringing people closer through simple delights. “I look / at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the / world,” writes O’Hara. 


A Symmetry” by Ari Banias

Bay Area-based poet Ari Banias strikes a balance after libra’s heart in “A Symmetry.” With a transcendentalist twist, Banias blends nature, gender, identity, and personhood into interchangeable shapes. Brilliant images tumble and morph as thoughts and lines artfully blend together. “A plush life of winter and / summer colors of flowers alongside / tight checkered bands / edging the broad green center / where we look for each other,” he writes.