national poetry month

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

In my World Poetry Day post, I discussed a few different ways to make the most of the day and keep poetry in the spotlight. Now, we get a chance to expand on these concepts further and celebrate National Poetry Month this April. We have 30 days to make the most of the art of poetry. Let’s do it! 


Challenge yourself to write a poem a day.

There are so many ways to organize this. You can select a prompt for every day or you can brainstorm and write whatever comes to you. You can make it more special by setting a specific time and location every day where you will sit down and write to mark the occasion. 


Watch a poetry-inspired TV show or movie. 

You know how Hallmark has tons of Christmas movies to bring in the season? Think of a tv watching experience that would give you that same feeling of excitement about poetry. Dead Poets Society is a beautiful movie that will pull at your heartstrings and reignite your love for the written word. Robin Williams’ speech about poetry alone will have you wiping tears from your eyes. This is an emotional movie that covers some heavy topics, so be sure to prepare mentally before watching. 


Start a virtual poetry book club with some friends.

This can be a special one-time thing for National Poetry Month, or it can be the beginning of a really fun tradition with your friends. Try choosing a poet you’ve never read before or a local writer to really expand your horizons. Another idea is to have themed weeks. For example, you could do an Emily Dickinson week where you focus on her works, followed by a modern poet. You could also do weeks based on a topic. You can search social media for specific hashtags, Google, or you can search Amazon poetry categories. This can be a fun way to branch out and explore things categorically. 


Listen to a poetry podcast.

Keep the written word on your mind all day by tuning into a poetry podcast. There are so many different categories and subcategories available through the podcast app or through some digging online. I started my search with The Poetry Foundation, and they have so many great options! “Audio Poem of the Day” has a poetry reading by poets and actors uploaded each day. They have lots of other podcast options that focus on interviews, lectures, readings, and other topics. There is really something for everyone, and it’s a great place to start. The New Yorker also has a poetry podcast that is put on by their poetry editor. This can be such a fun way to incorporate more poetry into your daily routine. 


Delve into the world of classic poetry.

Calling all history buffs! Take some time this month to dig into the history of poetry or a specific classic poet. Read a biography of one of the greats. Find a history-based podcast. Research different poetic styles and their cultural significance. Dig into what has shaped poetry over the years and how that looks different today. This may increase your appreciation of the craft as a whole. 


Expand on a writing goal.

Use National Poetry Month to fuel your personal writing goals. Consider submitting your writing to a publication or poetry blog. Do some work on a manuscript or simply share your work on Instagram. This can be a huge step, especially if you’ve never shared your work publicly before. 


Invest in some poetry swag! 

Lots of poets have Etsy shops or wall art displaying some of their poems. There are also notebooks, T-shirts, and other really cool merchandise out there to represent your favorite writers. To get you started, check out Random Acts of Poetry’s shop on Etsy


People are so creative with the different ways they put poetry on display. National Poetry Month gives you 30 days to express yourself through the written word. I hope that National Poetry month serves as a time for you to appreciate poetry, express yourself through it, and share it with others. How will you be celebrating this month?