6 Cozy Writing Prompts for Cancer Season

Cancer season arrives June 20 and stays until late July. Ruled by the moon and represented by the crab, Cancers are sensitive and intuitive, as well as self-protective. People with this watery sign likely assume caretaking roles easily, whether that’s for their family, circle of friends, pets, or even plants. They also thrive in a sanctuary of their own creation, often transforming their home into an oasis filled with thoughtful, highly personal décor. Whether you’re a Cancer or not, this season invites us all to move with intention and give a little extra care to ourselves and others. These writing prompts invite you to explore how to do just that.


  • Write about a time you felt most nurtured or nurturing. As mentioned, Cancers love to care for others—and especially love when this care is deeply felt, embraced, and appreciated. Fill your notebook with a few lines or pages about a pivotal experience where you felt this way. You can also write about times when you appreciated being nurtured, whether that was by a family member, writing mentor, partner, or friend.

  • Set up a cozy writing station, then write a poem from that space. Give yourself the comfort you’re always giving others, and inspire ease and relaxation. What makes a writing space ideal for you and your process? Candles? Crystals? Pillows? Incorporate highly intentional details and set your space up for both homey and writerly bliss.

  • Get inspired by lunar imagery. The moon is cancer’s ruling planet. In astrology, this represents a goddess energy, as well as intuition and emotion. Tap into this endless well. You can also reflect on what the moon means to you, any moon rituals you might practice, or a moonlit or moon-related memory.

  • Describe a time when you came out of your shell and what it taught you. While Cancers are highly sensitive, it can be hard to see this side of them—they can also be guarded and defensive, like their crab archetype. But there’s often beautiful vulnerability and meaning to be found when we let our guard down. Write about a time you did that and what you learned.

  • Let your intuition guide your poetry. Cancers are the most intuitive sign. Play around with this capability and practice writing without too much analysis or inner criticism. For example, think of the first five words that come to mind. Now, use those words in a free-write. 

  • Delve into what home means for you. Cozy Cancers are often described as homebodies. They love being in their space, making it their own, and inviting others to share in its relaxation. What sights, sounds, smells, and textures do you associate with your home? When do you know that you feel truly at home? How does it feel to return home after a long time away?


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