Vincent Hunanyan

5 Questions With Little Black Book Of Poems II Writer Vincent Hunanyan

Written in the aftermath of a breakup, Vincent Hunanyan’s first collection, Black Book of Poems, hoped to transform deeply personal feelings into a cathartic, communal experience for his many readers. Now, with more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram, Hunanyan strove to build on the power of poetry with Black Book of Poems II, out from Andrews McMeel Universal this September. The meditative book, which encompasses everything from religion and romance to mental illness, promises a “refreshingly honest approach to life and love.” Read Poetry talked with Hunanyan to hear about his process, the start of his poetry journey, and more.


Kara Lewis: You’ve been writing poetry since the age of 13, but just recently shifted to pursuing it as a career. What pushed you to this point?

Vincent Hunanyan: Deep down I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Or rather, I always sought to express my creativity. It wasn’t until I discovered [motivational author] Bob Proctor that I decided to take the leap and see where it takes me.


Your poem Black Book of Poems Part II builds on your first collection. How are these two books in conversation with each other, and how does Black Book of Poems Part II differ from your first collection?

Though the second collection is a continuation of the first book, it is quite different. Not only in the way it is written, but also in its self-awareness. 


Many of your poems are only a few lines. What is the intended goal of this simplicity?

There is no intent, frankly. When it feels adequate, I stop writing. 


What do you hope readers gain from your work?

Right after the publication of Black Book of Poems, a young lady wrote to me saying the book helped her forgive her abusive mother who lay on her deathbed. She wrote about how important it felt to be there for her in her final days. That’s when I truly understood the impact a poem, story, or any other artistic creation can have on a person. I’d lie if I said there is a certain reason behind this book, or any of my books. I write because I want to. Then again, if the writing is sincere, it must resonate.


What’s next for you creatively?

I am currently working on my full-length novel! 


Order Black Book of Poems II here.