5 Poetry-Related Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Oh, social media. Often times, it’s the place where we go to debate politics, to wonder if everyone else’s lives are cooler than ours, and to suffer the infamous FOMO. In fact, a recent survey found that more than half of millennials have contemplated a social media cleanse. About a year ago, I became determined to make social media a more positive, interesting outlet, and, for me, that meant following lots of literary accounts.

Now, whenever I scroll through Twitter and Instagram, I’m greeted by work from some of my favorite poets and journals, as well as the occasional writing prompt or piece of inspiration. Instead of social media feeling like a waste of time, now it challenges me, encourages me, and keeps me up to date with the trends shaping my favorite art form. Through social media, I’ve even been able to reach out to many of the writers I admire most. Here are some of my favorite accounts to take your IRL love of poetry online.


Astro Poets (@poetastrologers on Twitter)


As its name would suggest, Astro Poets blends two of my fascinations: poetry and astrology. With tweets from prolific poets Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov, the account takes astrology in a new, hauntingly beautiful direction. On late Sunday nights, I’m always refreshing their page for a look at my weekly horoscope, which feels more metaphorical and open to interpretation than horoscopes from other sources. Here’s an example of one of their gorgeous cosmic predictions:


Week of 4/14 in Capricorn: Incrementally you are still making it happen. That’s something to be excited about. If you could go home of course you would. Instead make today your home.


Talk about chills. In addition to these starry musings, the Astro Poets share astrology memes, quotes from famous poets, and poets’ astrological signs. Did you know that Frank O’Hara was an Aries, or that Sylvia Plath was a Scorpio? You do now.


Between Two Books (@betweentwobooks on Instagram)


Some songs sound like poetry set to music, and that’s what I’ve always thought about Florence Welch’s ethereal, stirring tracks. How appropriate, then, that the frontwoman of Florence and the Machine hosts her own virtual book club, called Between Two Books.


Currently, the group is reading the poetry of Hera Lindsay Bird. In the past, Florence has recommended Yrsa Daley Ward’s Bone, Donald Lucas Lorance’s Whatever It Is, and Welch’s own collection of poetry, Useless Magic. The photos of these books, often set against nature, show the beauty of poetry, while the comments from readers create a strong dialogue and community.


Well-Read Black Girl (@wellreadblkgirl on Twitter)


Though it’s not focused solely on poetry, this account amplifies the work and voices of women writers of color. Recently, it’s shared work by Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Eliza Griffiths, and other ground-breaking poets.


Alongside the magnificent poetry, the account stands out as an affirming and joyful space where women writers cheer each other on. It’s also an effective way to keep your bookshelf diverse and intersectional.


Quarter Life Poetry (@quarterlifepoetry on Instagram)


For an account that’s less serious and more whimsical, try Quarter Life Poetry. Reminiscent of popular art accounts like Mari Andrew, the page pairs bright, fun illustrations with short, quippy verses about relatable topics like modern dating, takeout, and the incomparable joy of taking off your bra after a long day.


I like this funny look ahead at the summer season.


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in an inflatable swan.


Poetry Daily (@Poetry_Daily on Twitter)


Poetry Daily strives to “make poetry a part of daily life.” That’s exactly what they do: In addition to sharing one poem each day from a new book or journal issue, the account posts poetry-related links from sites like The New York Times, Vice, and Guernica. Think of it like a collage or catch-all for the best poetry content on the Internet — Poetry Daily sifts through it so you don’t have to.

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