5 Poetry Accounts to Inspire Your Next Instagram Aesthetic

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram page and been drawn to the overall appearance of their work? We often refer to this as a page’s aesthetic, which refers to its attention to detail and beauty. 


One of my favorite things about Instagram is being connected with so much creativity and innovation. In the writing community specifically, there are so many accounts that are taking poetry and transforming it into visual masterpieces, with beautiful backdrops to complement the words we love. 


Creating an Instagram aesthetic can make your page look clean, organized, and more appealing. It might also get you excited about posting and stimulate you creatively to make the most visually captivating content. There are so many poets that are creating awesome aesthetics with their pages. Let’s explore some of the styles out there. 


Wilder Poetry

Wilder’s page has a stunning nature theme where she uses everything from flowers, books, crystals, keys, and lace to draw the reader in. I especially love that her page complements the subject matter of her book Nocturnal. Her poetry posts are meticulously thought out and do a great job boosting the overall experience of reading her work. You will love exploring her page and seeing the world through her eyes. 


Chloe Frayne

Chloe Frayne’s poetry page has a feminine and vintage feel to it. She uses lots of roses, old globes and books, and typewriters. You’ll also see pictures of the poet herself. She offers a great variety to her readers, and there is always something new to see. She makes all of her different styles flow so beautifully together, as though part of a bigger masterpiece. You’ll love the tone of her page as you scroll through and experience her poetry.


Courtney Peppernell

Courtney’s page will give you a glimpse into her life and her style through a variety of snapshots and excerpts from her poetry books. This page feels almost like you are getting a tour inside her head. She shares her words with such stunning photos, adding a relatable component to her words, as though you are flipping through a scrapbook or catching up with an old friend. To capture that kind of emotion in one post is a huge accomplishment and one that makes her page one of my favorites. 


Priya Dolma Tamang

Priya’s aesthetic is unique and will draw you in from the first glance. She alternates her poetry posts with photos, breaking up her page nicely. The pictures she chooses feel magical and ethereal. From unicorns to wolves, you’ll see beautiful creatures and stunning sunsets sprinkled in as the backdrop for her words. You’ll love the unique portrayal of her poetry. 


Madalina Coman

Natural light and splashes of color are the first things to catch my eye when scrolling through Madalina’s page. I love the simple elegance of her posts. The use of florals is soft and delicate, while the words often pack a powerful punch. It serves as a perfect contrast for the reader. Even the flowers are never the same, showcasing a variety of different types and colors. It is a perfect use of consistency and variety all at the same time. Her page will surely draw you in with its aesthetic and keep you coming back for the words. 


Instagram gives writers and artists alike the perfect canvas to create a one-of-a-kind experience for readers. A great aesthetic can take your content to the next level, drawing more readers to your page. These are just a few pages that I’ve come to love, but there are so many out there that deserve recognition. Enjoy looking at all of the different styles out there while you fine-tune your own.