5 Poems for Earth Signs

Known as stable, grounded, and pragmatic, it’s no wonder that Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs. These practical and reliable folks make for loyal friends and patient partners. But don’t get it twisted, these three zodiac signs are far from boring. Their grounded energy puts them in tune with their senses, making them impeccable cooks, designers, and even lovers. We’ve selected five grounding, sensual, and beautiful poems to celebrate the steadfast and artistic nature of our beloved earth signs. 



Earthly Meditations” by Robert Wrigley


The rich and lush details of the forest come to life in this vivid poem. Midwest-born poet Robert Wrigley is known for weaving together rural Western landscapes and meditating on humankind’s place in the natural world.


“​​Little bells, they loop and dive, bend

the delicate birch branches down.

I would enter the sky through the soil

myself, sing up the snail bowers

and go on the lam with the roots.”



We House” by Britteney Black Rose Kapri


Published in the April 2015 issue of Poetry magazine, “We House” channels the voice of spoken word poet, writer, and playwright Britteney Black Rose Kapri. This rhythmic and free-flowing poem invites readers into the speaker’s personal space, creating a sense of intimacy through its palpable description of “home.” 


“House, as in abode, as in dwelling, as in crib, as in where your inhibitions go to rest. as in jack, loft, footwork. as in sweating out that press and curl. as in yo momma steppin out tonight. as in yo daddy put on his good shoes. as in this movement gradually getting Bigger Thomas. as in Pump Up the Volume.”



Wild Tongue” by Rebecca Seiferle


Drawing on the writing of Bertrand Russel, Plato, and memories from childhood, poet Rebecca Seiferle juxtaposes an opulent dinner with a stilted conversation. Her attention to the sensual details of the scene invokes the energy of the Taurus, while the frank and blunt nature of the opening line has Capricorn written all over it.


“We’re not all lesbians at this bar and grill (not yet?

not practicing? only in heart?), chiaroscuro as the room is

with expensive ambiance and dear cuts of meat

and fish overlaid with nouveau fruit sauce, it’s clear

that the most manly woman among us, older,

wearing cowboy boots and a turquoise bolo,

is probably neither entirely straight nor wholly

queer . . .”



The Death of a Sensualist” by William Burford


Heartbreaking in its finality, this poem was published in the December 1950 issue of Poetry magazine. Poet William Burford was known for a simple style and form, often combining free verse with strict tercets or quatrains. His restraint and attention to the body in this poem beautifully complement the energy of earth signs. 


“He reasoned that his body was the world

And so a final philosophy. He heard his worms

Working above ground, and was assured 

His grave would be his race’s. His body burned

With a moral fire, and in its utmost hour

He declared the science he was dying of, was pure.”



Planetarium” by Adrienne Rich


As one of America’s most influential poets and essayists, Adrienne Rich is known for poems that explore agency, identity, sexuality, and politics. Making use of the cadence of everyday speech, Rich takes what many call radical and makes it somehow both down-to-earth and beautifully literary. 


“A woman in the shape of a monster   

a monster in the shape of a woman   

the skies are full of them…”