National Poetry Month

4 Ways To Celebrate Poetry Long After National Poetry Month is Over

Special occasions are fun ways to remind us to celebrate the things we love, and National Poetry Month gave us lots of opportunities to make the most of our passion for poetry. But, just because April is over does not mean we can’t find ways to celebrate poetry all year long! Here are some ideas to keep the celebration going.


Virtual Poetry Club

Now, more than ever, virtual poetry clubs are a great way to stay connected to your love for poetry and the community. The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we are allowed to interact with one another, and it has brought about a myriad of feelings and anxieties. A virtual poetry club gives you a chance to read or write poetry together with people you love or even new people. You can discuss certain topics, choose a book to explore together, or create a virtual poetry open mic night of sorts and share your own work with one another. Zoom or Facetime are just a couple of great platforms to make this happen, and meeting with other poets will help remind you that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.


Poetry Prompts/Journaling

One of the most important ways to continue to celebrate poetry is by writing it. Whether you decide to use daily poetry prompts or do some personal journaling, it can all fuel your creativity and help birth some really great writing. A lot of us are home more with social distancing and writing may help you make sense of the complex emotions you’re feeling during this time. I know for me, writing has been tremendously helpful to chronicle this weird and emotional period of our lives. You can write about your emotions or even create a whole new world with your poetry. Others will benefit from the words you write during this time. 


Support Other Poets 

Although we may not be able to go to book signings or events right now, we can show our support for other poets online. This can be as simple as sharing a poem from one of your favorite writers and tagging them or dropping them a message letting them know how much their work has inspired you or helped you. Something so simple can have a profound impact on their writing journey and their day. Never underestimate the power of a few kind words in a time of hardship. We can be that encouragement for one another. 


Create Together

Team up with another creative friend and make art together. Try out a new skill like painting or calligraphy or ask a friend to make a piece for you. Then allow their work to inspire yours. If you typically put pen to paper, why not try putting paint to canvas? See if another avenue of art could inspire the imagery in your heart for your next poem. This is a great time to try your hand at new skills or to collaborate with others. There are no limits to what you could do with this. An added plus? You could create some beautiful word art for your home. I know that those little touches make my home feel more welcoming and personal. Give it a try and let your favorite art and poetry pairings brighten your day or a friend’s day as well.


National Poetry Month gives us so much to celebrate, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Keep enjoying poetry. Keep creating poetry. Keep inspiring, empowering, and encouraging other poets. And together, we can celebrate one another and poetry all year long.