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4 Trending Poetry Accounts You Should Follow on TikTok

TikTok has taken over as one of the world’s favorite social media platforms. The app boasts more than 800 million users, and these visitors spend more time on the app than on similar platforms. In fact, TikTok users typically devote 46 minutes a day to catching up on new, creative content—all in video format, with each clip ranging from 1 to 60 seconds. And even for people without an account, TikTok’s influence can be powerful. Many viral pop culture moments from the last two years—think sea shanties, the “Say So” dance, and the flip the switch challenge—have TikTok to thank for their popularity.


Hundreds of articles and editorials have aimed to define the reason behind TikTok’s vast and still-growing appeal. Most arrive at a similar answer: TikTok allows every user to let their creative side shine. Artists, musicians, and dancers can showcase their work from anywhere in the world, with the potential for a big audience. Of course, this applies to poetry, too. Poets on TikTok are sharing relatable experiences, showcasing the powerful rhythm of spoken word, and helping to popularize the art form (the #poetry tag has more than 19 billion views). Check out these four fan favorites.


1. Christi Steyn (@christi.steyn)


“I’ll help you fall in love with poetry,” Christi Steyn asserts in her bio. Explore her hundreds of videos and you’ll see she’s reached this goal. Steyn’s account is unique due to its mix of popular, already published poetry and her own fresh, original creations. 


Videos show Steyn reading the work of both contemporary and classic poets—from Courtney Peppernell to Homer—in a new, passionate way that brings them to life. Her account could be described as capturing the eloquence of poetry with the energy of musical theatre. Alongside these videos, Steyn shares her own evocative, deeply personal work. Accounts like Steyn’s can help make poetry more accessible and easy to follow: Each video shows the text on-screen as she reads. 


2. Ethan Jewell (@jewellboi)


A poet and singer-songwriter, Ethan Jewell often pairs his spoken word lyricism with evocative piano melodies. To his more than 700,000 followers, Jewell is known for pouring out his emotions and getting real about mental health. His honest poems about depression and anxiety have led to close relationships between Jewell and his followers, and he often reminds them to practice self-care. 


3. Michaela Angemeer (@michaelapoetry)


Michaela Angemeer is the author of two books—When He Leaves You and You’ll Come Back to Yourself—as well as a forthcoming third collection. Her poems delve into the intricacies of modern dating and relationships. Her TikTok account, which has more than 100,000 followers, lets readers in on the more personal and vulnerable aspects of her poetry. She’s known for posting poetry recommendation videos for her followers, where she selects poems for them based on their moods and situations. For example, she provides poetry recs for “when you’re sick of dating,” “if you’re looking for a sign,” “if you’re in love,” and more. Follow Angemeer’s account if you’re looking for poetry that meets you in the moment. 


4. Poetry of Beauty (@livinginsong)


If your favorite part of poetry is its imagery and the way it can transport you, look no further than Poetry of Beauty’s gorgeous, otherworldly account. While the account does share poetry, it goes deeper to envelop followers in the coziness and whimsy of all things #cottagecore. From lavender landscapes to vintage teacups, the bookish account is sure to charm you. 


Now continue down TikTok’s poetry rabbit hole—it’s a fascinating place to be!