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4 New Poetry Releases for March

Spring is almost here, and new poetry collections are preparing to bloom this March. Here are a few to look out for as we make our way into this new season. 


March 3rd: Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell

This is Makenzie Campbell’s second poetry collection following the widely successful 2 am Thoughts. Nineteen is titled in honor of her age at the time she wrote it. In it, Campbell reflects on the different places that our emotions can take us with personal stories and observations about life, love, and heartbreak. Campbell pours her heart into her poetry, and her vulnerability is something that connects her to her readers in a beautiful way. This collection tells stories that evoke an emotional response and take the audience on a journey through the different experiences that have shaped her. Personal yet relatable, this collection is sure to resonate with lots of readers.


March 3rd: I Hope You Stay by Courtney Peppernell 

From the author of the Pillow Thoughts series, Courtney brings us another beautiful and encouraging collection of poetry. I Hope You Stay is a journey through the pain and loss of dark circumstances to the light of healing that is on the horizon. This collection is meant to be a beacon of hope for the reader no matter what part of their journey they find themselves in, with words to encourage us all to hold on. This book is sure to deliver elegant and thoughtful poetry and prose in a style that we’ve come to know and love from her previous collections. 


March 10th: A Fire Like You by Upile Chisala

A Fire Like You is Chisala’s third poetry book with themes centered on both beauty and tragedy. Chisala explores themes such as identity, love, and loss and reflects on her emotions and experiences, reframing them from a lens of opportunity and growth. The reader journeys alongside her as she opens up about her life, triumphs, and struggles. While the poems draw from her personal experiences, they describe the journey that so many of us take as we learn from our circumstances and evolve from them. 


break your glass slippers amanda lovelaceMarch 17th: break your glass slippers by Amanda Lovelace 

break your glass slippers is the first installment of Amanda Lovelace’s new poetry series “you are your own fairytale.” In this collection, Lovelace explores the concept of worth and rewrites the princess narrative to be one of empowerment and self-love. With magic storytelling and profound prose, Lovelace writes to encourage women to be brave with the tale of their life and to remember that they don’t need the prince to have a story worth telling. This collection is sure to be an encouraging reminder that our worth isn’t found in our relationship status and that there is magic in each of us.


I hope this helps supplement your March reading list. Is there another poetry collection coming out this month that we missed? Which ones are you the most excited about? Be sure to let us know as we read together this month.