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4 Fun Virtual Poetry Reading Series to Attend

While the literary world has changed in many ways since the pandemic began, one shift stands out as clearly positive and even revolutionary: The rise of online readings, poetry slams, and open mics. These virtual events make poetry more accessible, and they give readers the opportunity to be introduced to a wider range of impactful and unique voices, regardless of geography. 


The Greatest Indoor Reading Series


Prolific poet and literary educator Treena Thibodeau started The Greatest Indoor Reading Series, also referred to as TGI, in March 2020. Occurring Fridays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the series features both established and emerging poets. Four writers typically share this online space. Erika Meitner, Alina Stefanescu, and Maxima Kahn have previously participated. 


A Common Sense Reading Series


Started at the Kansas City Art Institute by professor and poet Jordan Stempleman, A Common Sense Reading Series now invites everyone to attend via Zoom. Readings happen on Saturdays at 7 p.m. Central Time. The series continues to feature both writers local to Kansas City and authors from across the country. Past readers include Diana Khoi Nguyen, Nate Marshall, and Kaveh Akbar. 


Poetry Lit Online Reading Series


“A monthly online reading series for poets all over the world,” Poetry Lit incorporates not only the sharing of poetry, but Q&A sessions related to the process and inspiration behind poets’ works. After featured readers showcase their work, attendees can partake in an open mic. Events don’t happen on the same day or time each month, so make sure to follow the organization’s Facebook page for event listings and updates. 


Poets in Pajamas Reading Series


Poets in Pajamas is a bimonthly series hosted by Sundress Publications, and it has been broadcast on Facebook for years to amplify poets from across the globe. As its whimsical title suggests, the series allows poets to be their casual, candid selves. Readings happen Sundays at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, and they also incorporate a Q&A. Those interested can watch live or stream past readings anytime. 


This list marks just a starting point to all the amazing poetry events that can be found online! Consider making a writing resolution around events and community. How would tuning into one reading each month change and further your relationship to poetry?