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30 Poetry Prompts for Your Next Great Love Poem

Ah, love is in the crisp, February air, and what a great muse it can be! Whether we are in a relationship or single, love can color our days in such beautiful ways. It can inspire our work as we make sense of our heartbreaks, dedicate words to those we love, or create new love stories through our works. 


Love poems can be romantic or they can honor a friendship or other relationship. The power of love trickles into the cracks of our hearts to heal us and teach us about the world around us. While you ponder the immensity of this topic, here are some prompts to help get you started with your next great poem.


  1. Write a poem about a couple you admire.
  2. Red is often associated with love. Pick a different color and write a poem about its association with love.
  3. Write about your favorite qualities in a mate.
  4. Write about a relationship that ended, but you are grateful it did. What did you learn?
  5. Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day date night.
  6. Get creative. What is a Valentine’s Day gift you could give your love that isn’t flowers or chocolate?
  7. How does the person you love encompass what love means to you?
  8. If you haven’t met your love yet, write a letter to that person and tell them how excited you are to meet them someday. This could be fun to look at later.
  9. Write a haiku to give to your valentine. This can be a valentine for a friend, too. Let someone know they are loved and seen this holiday!
  10. Use the words “heart,” “soul mate,” and “flower” in a poem
  11. Describe your favorite things about a person that others may not notice. 
  12. Write a letter to yourself acknowledging all the ways you’ve grown from past relationships. How has it strengthened the relationship you have with yourself?
  13. Create a “meet-cute” for two characters in a poem and write about it. ( A “meet-cute” is a charming story about how two people met and ultimately fell in love. Think rom-com!)
  14. They say opposites attract. Do you find that true in love? Write about your thoughts.
  15. Write a poem about two people who find their way back to each other after several years.
  16. Distance has a huge impact on relationships. Write about conquering the distance.
  17. Think about a couple who has been together through several trials and hardships. Write about enduring love and what you’ve observed about their relationship as an outsider.
  18. What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more. Sorry for the Haddaway song reference.) But, truly, how would you define it? 
  19. What is NOT love? Think about some things that are sometimes mistaken for love, and write about it. 
  20. What is your favorite love song or movie? Let it inspire you to write something of your own.
  21. What is romance to you? Write about it in a haiku.
  22. Write a poem using the words “new,” “rain,” “card,” and “chance.”
  23. What is the best way to immortalize love? A poem? A love song? A life of devotion? Write about your thoughts. 
  24. How has love changed your life or made a hard time feel hopeful? This can be romantic love or a friendship.
  25. Write about an unexpected bond between two people. 
  26. Create a poem about two hearts you see at a gallery. One is in pristine shape. The other has been broken and glued back together, seemingly several times. Which is more beautiful? Why?
  27. Write a poem and dedicate it to someone special in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you.
  28. How can someone love you well? Write a poem about what that would look like for you.
  29. Think of the concept of “falling in” and “falling out” of love. What are your thoughts on this?
  30. Think of an ordinary moment that was magical because of the love you felt. Describe the memory or create a story about it. 


Love is an incredible influencer of our art and our emotions. I hope that these prompts have helped inspire you to speak love into your heart and the hearts of others this month. If you end up trying out any of the prompts, let us know! Leave your work in the comments. We would love to see it.