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3 Love Poems to Remind That Special Someone How Much They Mean to You

For so many of us, words speak love to our hearts in ways many other things cannot. The right love poem can remind your partner how much they mean to you while also beautifully describing the things you love about them and your life together. A love poem can be life-giving to the recipient, and it can be a perfect way to remind them how much of an impact they have had on you. I have chosen a few from some of my favorite poets to share in this article. Please feel free to pass them along to someone special.


N.R. Hart 

“When love exists

on a soul level

it becomes 

something else


unfathomable, unbreakable

undeniable. Eternal.”


A romantic writer through and through, N.R. Hart’s pieces do a great job illustrating the immense power of love. She writes of a love that is so much more than surface-level. Her work focuses on the deep, soul connections that are made between two people that change a life forever. This is the kind of love that stands the test of time and grows through all different seasons. It’s a beautiful piece to share with the one you love to remind them that you appreciate the permanence and the strength of the love you’ve nurtured together. 


Alicia N Green 

“In the end, 

all that matters

is others knew love

because of us.”


I love this piece because of its relevance for couples and also for life in general. You can view this through the lens of a couple and their example of love they share with the world or you can see it from an individual perspective. Love is the greatest gift we can give others. When we live a life overflowing with love, we can pour that out into the hearts of the people around us. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you’ve accomplished, or how much you have. What matters is that you have spent your time and energy on showing people love. Did you think of your romantic partner when you read this? Did you think of a friend that embodies this concept well? Either way, pointing out the light you see in that person is a great way to let them know their love has made a difference to you.


F.S. Yousaf 


“You came into my life

To show me

That mere moments

Can create lasting memories.

You revived my hopeless eyes,

So I could see

The true beauty

The world held.”


Romance is often found in the extraordinary, everyday moments of our lives together. These are oftentimes the memories that we look back on and smile about for years to come. They are the moments that create the foundation of our lives together, that help you see what really matters. It awakens our heart to the promise and wonder of the world around us. This is a great piece to send your love to remind them that they have made your ordinary moments so magical just by being themselves.


Love poems are just one way that you can remind your significant other what a huge impact they have on your life and your heart. While words are only one piece of the puzzle, they can make someone’s day and warm someone’s soul if they are received in the right way and at the right moment. Do you have a favorite love poem? Have you written one for someone? Share with us in the comments.