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3 Christmas Poems to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

The holiday season brings to mind so much joy: favorite holiday movies, songs that mark the season, and dearly loved traditions practiced year after year. These little moments help make the season even more magical. Most importantly, they remind us to take a moment to reflect on the things that really matter with the people who mean the most to us. May your holiday season be full of bright moments and the warmth of memories made with your family and friends. 


‘Twas the night before Christmas, 

when all through the house 

not a creature was stirring, 

not even a mouse. 

The stockings were hung 

by the chimney with care,

in hopes that St. Nicholas 

soon would be there…


Clement Clarke Moore


Most of us know the excerpt of this classic poem. It is a piece that continues to connect with readers because it perfectly embodies the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve. Maybe you even remember someone reading this to you when you were little. The beauty is that it makes people of all ages remember that magical feeling of waiting for Santa to come. As we get older, we find the magic of the season in different ways, but we can look back with nostalgic appreciation at those sleepless nights of wonder, waiting to hear the hooves on the roof or the echoes of jolly laughter in the air. 


Like snowflakes, 

my Christmas

memories gather

and dance—each 

beautiful, unique,

and gone too soon. 


Deborah Whipp 


I love the comparison of our memories being like snowflakes. Each one is unique to us, intricate, and beautiful. This piece made me reflect on how fleeting our moments are and how important it is that we appreciate them while we are making them. Gather them, experience them to the fullest, and share them with the ones you love. It can be so easy to let the stress of the season overtake us without truly appreciating the blessings and the warmth of the people around us. This season, take a moment to gather the “snowflakes” of your holiday season. Revel in the love that surrounds you and reflect on the moments that so quickly become memories. Like freshly fallen snow, let them fill you with awe and wonder. 


Bright Christmas 

stars shine on high,

Golden stars in the 

wintery sky;

Christmas candles 

in windows bright,

Sends greetings into

the night.


Marie Irish


I love the imagery in this piece as it describes Christmas stars and candles. Winter nights can often feel so bleak and gloomy, but the Christmas season reminds us of the light that illuminates our hearts and warms our souls every year. It reminds us to hope, to look forward to brighter days, and to appreciate the love we have been given. It serves as such a gentle reminder to take a moment and pause. Look for the light in the season. Remember what this time of year represents and how its magic reminds us to never lose hope in the love surrounding us and the love within us. 


In the hustle and bustle of this season, I hope you take a few moments to find the light and reflect on the warmth it brings to your heart. I hope you take a moment to gather your memories like snowflakes and delight in them as you make new ones. I hope you stop and stare at the beauty and the splendor of the souls that surround you, not just the twinkle of the lights or the sheen of the wrapping paper. I hope you take a moment to really take it in and to hold onto that magical feeling of Christmas to take with you into your new year.