Coffee with "the sun and her flowers" by rupi kaur

11 Poetry Inspired Mugs to Keep You Going This Winter

With the holidays approaching, thoughtful gifts and cozy drinks are just what we need to warm our hearts and show our loved ones we care—no matter how far away they might be. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a poetry-loving friend, these 14 mugs are sure to brighten your morning. 


A thousand dreams within me softly burn” mug

Surrealist fans, daydreamers, and escapists will love this stirring quote from Arthur Rimbaud. His visionary poetic style was among the first to bring readers into an alternate reality. 


The Hummingbird” by Emily Dickinson mug

Those who appreciate the beauty in the little things will love this softly illustrated and colorful mug. Hummingbirds, blossoms, and a tender morning are appreciated to the fullest in this lovely poem by Dickinson. 


blackout poetry mug

This Blackout Poetry mug

If you like the work of J.M. Farkas, you’ll love this striking mug. This blackout poem leaves four simple but inspiring words to help get you through the day: do not stop / press on. 


The world is full of magic things…” by W.B. Yeats mug

With a whimsical illustration and a wonder-inspiring quote from W.B. Yeats, this mug is perfect for those with a vivid imagination. What better way is there to start your morning than with a reminder that magic exists in the world around us; all we have to do is look closely. 


Hope is the thing with feathers…” by Emily Dickinson mug

Another Dickinson poem makes the list, as her bird imagery makes our hearts flutter. This simple mug clad with Dickinson’s iconic photo is a great reminder of hope in a dark, difficult world. 


The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost mug

Any lover of the classics will appreciate this simple and timeless mug. Printed on both sides, readers can enjoy the full poem while they sip a warm beverage. His simple yet layered poetry style gives us much to meditate on.


National Poetry Month coffee mug from the New YorkerIt’s National Poetry Month” mug from the New Yorker

It may not be National Poetry Month yet, but you can help the poetry-lover in your life prepare by gifting them this illustrated mug. This cartoon by David Sipress is the perfect kick in the pants to get you out of a reading rut. 


What lies behind you…” by Ralph Waldo Emerson mug

This simple but empowering mug is the perfect encouragement to help you hop out of bed and channel your potential from within. Emerson puts it plainly but powerfully in this quote, reminding readers not to look around, but to look inside themselves for inspiration. 


If you have ever gone to the woods with me…” by Mary Oliver mug

Nature-lovers will appreciate this lovely mug, especially those who read Mary Oliver. Anyone with a deep connection to the forest will know that time spent together in nature is truly intimate and bonding. 


I exist as I am, and that is enough.” by Walt Whitman mug

“You are enough” is a mantra we must never forget. This poem is the perfect reminder to love ourselves as we are and to be gentle and kind with ourselves; our existence is always enough. 


Prose Before Bros” mug

Feminists and literature-lovers alike will be thrilled to add this fun mug to their collection. Featuring a portrait of Emily Dickinson and a beautiful floral design, this mug is a delightful reminder to keep your friends close. 


It is unwise to mock the poet” mug

It’s hard not to crack a smile at this clever mug. This is the perfect gift for those who like to start the day with the wry and sinister humor of an Edgar Allan Poe quote. Lovers of his gothic style will be delighted to wake up to this quote each day.


If” by Rudyard Kipling travel mug

Written as encouragement for his own son, “If” by Rudyard Kipling is a reminder of the power of stoicism and strength. Kipling reminds his son to remember his roots, stay grounded, and withstand the difficulties of life in this empowering and steadfast poem. 


Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou mug

Don’t let the haters drag you down. These iconic words by Maya Angelou are just what we need to remember to keep our heads up, regardless of what others say and do.