10 Love Poems About More than Romance

From pop songs to movies to long-winded novels, love is a favorite subject of art and literature. While romance often takes center-stage, it’s important to remember that friendship, family, and self-love all deserve a little time in the limelight as well. Spanning all types of relationships, these 10 heartfelt poems talk about love beyond lovers’ lane. 


Sometimes love strikes light lightning” by Yung Pueblo

From Yung Pueblo’s first book, Inward, this poem compares love to lightning—unexpected yet undeniable. Centered on nourishment, support, healing, and growth, this poem can describe a beautiful romance, but also a healthy and happy friendship. 


Meteor Showers” by Typewriter Rodeo 

The poem “Meteor Showers” tells the story of friendship, turned love, turned family. Described as “a spiral of joy and the strength of unending support,” this lovely poem describes the strength and joy that comes from love and family. 


this morning i woke” by Tyler Kent White

From Songs With Our Eyes Closed, this minimal, rhythmic poem describes hearing the heartbeat of a loved one in the morning. The speaker describes pressing an ear between two shoulder blades. “Every pump / thump / of your heartbeat / said one thing— / home,” he writes. 


Message” by Reyna Biddy

This simple one-liner says it all. “Love is a beautiful thing, but without respect—it’s an ugly habit.” With these words, Biddy touches on the most important aspect of love: respect. Whether you’re dealing with a relationship, friendship, or yourself, respect must be at the center of it all.


to fathers with daughters” by Rupi Kaur

Kaur hits home with this painful yet beautiful sentiment. “Every time you tell your daughter you yell at her out of love,” she writes, “you teach her to confuse anger with kindness.” Though people will show love in all sorts of ways, not all of them are healthy, and it’s important to acknowledge how the way you show love to others will affect them. 


Take Back Your Power” by Lang Leav

“Love as though you have never been hurt or betrayed,” writes Leav. Though this advice is easier said than done, it’s a wonderful reminder to love yourself first and to be willing to let go of those who have hurt you. 


How to Love Life” by Marala Scott

Love doesn’t have to be about other people. From her book, With Gratitude, “How to Love Life” reminds us to be grateful for what we have, how to appreciate the little things, and how to fall in love with the lives we lead. 


Rolling Wave” by K.Y. Robinson

This quick poem is sure to spread a smile across anyone’s face. “I fell in love with you / when the rolling wave / of your laugh brought / me peace,” she writes. Whether this is about a lover, mother, sister, brother, or friend, we all have that one person whose laugh makes us feel at home. 


What I Fell in Love With” by Justin Wetch

From Bending the Universe, this poem reminds us that when it comes to love, the devil is in the details. In it, the speaker describes the details and experiences that led him to fall in love—from the edges of his lover’s lips to their trip to the river together, it’s hard not to imagine yourself in his shoes. 


You Fit Me Better Than My Own Skin” by Cyrus Parker

From DROPKICKromance, this short and sweet poem describes that feeling when another person makes you feel complete. “How could it be / that your soul and mine / fit together so completely?” he writes. Whether it’s a best friend or a lover, its beautiful to find those who make you feel understood.